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September 09, 2010



Red Bull and Reality TV ... no apologies here

Tag Edwards


My guilty pleasures are really very few...used to be that I had several...

Tanning bed--my 30 minutes of no interruptions, no kids knocking on the bathroom door asking me what I was doing in there, no phone ringing off the hook on my desk with someone wanting me to do something for them on the other end....the scare with skin cancer ended that guilty pleasure.

My Hair--I started going gray when I was in my twenties. I figured what the heck I can dye it and if I was going to dye it I could dye it koolaid colors (what my kids called it)if I wanted too. I was going for an auburn, or warm reddish brown color, but the gray was so white in the front that it always looked koolaid purple or koolaid red in that area and the color it was suppose to be in the back. I finally have given up on the hair coloring because my hair grows so fast I can't keep up with the gray root rot. So I AM OFFICIALLY GOING GRAY!

Having my nails and toes done--I bite my fingernails...a nasty habit I know..but I bite them I would go have my nails done cause I couldn't bite the acrylic nails off. I always wanted long nails, so I would buy them...and oh the joy of having a spa pedicure...made me oh so happy! I finally had to give the nails up when fishing with my husband became my real
guilty pleasure...the worm guts and acrylic nails don't go together and it was hard to bait the hook with a cricket.

So my one guilty pleasure is fishing with my husband.

I feel guilty knowing I should be at home doing housework, laundry or something else that needs to be done, but I WOULD RATHER BE FISHING WITH FRANK!!!!!!!!!!!!


I like this post!! Thinking about you Kaylor and praying for you and your sweet little one coming soon.

A few of mine:
-trashy, drama-filled reality Real Housewives, Jersey Shore, ect.

-music my kids can't listen I shouldn't listen to either, but I enjoy it too the Eminem and Rihanna song.

-big bag of chip...could easily eat one bag a day

Jessica W.

I agree about Lady Gaga. My guilty pleasures?

Watching Chuck. That is one hour I cut myself off from the world and usually any family converstations.

I'm TA this semester and I enjoy being sassy and kinda bossy to the students in that class. :) lol

And last but not least, my biggest guilty pleasure is staying up til almost dawn some night texting a certain friend. The next day I usually run off of coke, sunkist, and TONS of chocolate which is obviously bad.


Ohh, I am with you ladies on the reality tv, totally forgot about that one! I love it, can't get enough of it!

And Tag don't feel guilty, that is your hubby and you time, and life is meant to enjoy!

Jess enjoy the being able to stay up all night and only needing caffeine to survive. I used to be able to do that, but now it kicks my behind, I am hardly functioning for about a week, and I feel like I've been hit by a Mack truck, lol!

#1 Dexterfan

well mine is watching Dexter, if you don't know what it is about, then i'll tell you, it follows a serial killer who works in Miami Homicide as a blood spatter analyst, he kills using a 'code' so he won't get caught and only kills people that have killed and iluded the law, now that i've typed it, it sounds really bad but you feel as if he is serving justice to criminals who would otherwise get away with it, and whoever writes the script is so clever that they make you like him, even though he kills people


reality TV and cooking shows even though I do not enjoy cooking.


mmmm! Great Post!
Wait For It...I love giving my friends and family PEDICURES! I never have time to do this anymore, but enjoy hearing them say, you are better than the chinease ladies.LOL! My neice is ruined, she thinks every time she comes to Aunt mAmy's, she is getting one, and she does.

Love me some Reality TV Bachelor, Housewives, Keeping up w/ Kard. to name a few.

Love driving in total silence when I am alone. I call it THERAPY. I use the first few minutes praying and the rest just breathing and relaxing.

Love to shop like I have millions. Let me explain... I love going to a jewelry counter and trying on rings and such. The sales person gets all excited and I say maybe my husband will come back with me. I like to look at appliances, vehicles and houseplan books.


Ok I'm coming out of the closet to the world! My guilty pleasure is Days Of Our Lives! Hush your mouth if you have something bad to say about it!

Bag of Peanut M&Ms with a Huge glass of milk!

Chocolate Icecream with Milk on top! Don't knock it till you try it!

Dancing crazy to good music! Don't get to do this much! Must be why I love Zumba so much!


reality tv for sure!


Well you are def. my daughter! LOVE Lady GaGa, ADORE Twilight.......McD's, need I say more? Love a nice mani and pedi. My biggest favs though are my girls! Love you!


I don't like the name NanaHen... just sayin

Lisa Taylor

I tried this last night and my computer ate the reply. Maybe that is a sign that I shouldn't tell on myself. LOL!

This first was is in support of social -
1.) SOAPS. . . More specifically, Guiding Light
It is off the air now and I am still having issues about this. I can't believe anybody in their right mind would replace it with that SUPER STUPID CHEESY game show. ERR! Anyway, I DVR'd the last episode of GL and every now and then I play it so I can watch Josh and Reva drive off into the sunset together.

This one is for planner -
2.) I watched Twilight 5 times at the cinema. I have NEVER done anything like that before, but I really loved this series. When the DVD came out, I also bought it and watched it another couple (or 4 or 5) times. Not at once. Stop judging me.

Now I have a child and I was lucky to get a sitter and make it once to see the other two.

3.) Gene Simmons Family Jewels. It is hilarious. Shannon cracks me up.

4.) Finally, my last guilty pleasure is being home in my pajamas. People think I am anti-social and I guess I am. But, I would rather be home than anywhere else when I am off work. I hate crowds. If the mall is too crowded, I will leave. When hubby and I go to a large event, I secretly can't wait to leave. It is no offense to anyone. I know it is a problem, but crowds of people make me nervous. I like staying home, therefore I do. It is just that easy. I figure that people are going to talk about you know matter what you do so you might as well give them a reason. :)

If you are a therapist and are reading this, I don't have any money. Thanks anyway.


For me those would be...

True Blood and Weeds (tv shows)

Shopping by myself (doesn't happen often)

Good (overpriced) chocolate


Lisa, that was beautiful! lol


Cool post...
My guilty pleasures:
of course getting my hair, toes and eybrows done.
pizza and icecream
and zumba - yes zumba! guilty because i have to leave my family after i've already worked all day. pleasure because i have fun doing it and love how i feel after.
And Lisa, I HATE crowds as well...they make me want to scream and run away.


1.Planner--search stephanie meyer on google. Look for her website and look for Midnight sun, its Edwards take on "Twilight" Its actually really really good. I am the exact same way though. I tried to steer clear of hype and here I am I read all the book three times and the unfinished manuscript of Midnight Sun. It's good though...
2.Love Lady Gaga and so super glad she won video of the year :D
3.A snickers bar fur lunch when time is short.

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