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September 15, 2010


Jessica W.

Completely agree with 4, 6, 7, and 8.

1. Don't come in to where I work (retail), talk to me like I'm 5, and be a complete (insert certain word) to me for an hour and when you go to checkout expect to me give you a coupon or discount that you shouldn't technically get anyway.

2. Don't accuse me of betrayal or disloyalty and then assume everything's gonna be like it was before. Also, don't pull me aside and ask why I've been distant, bring up the original problem, and try to ask about my family life like we're best buds. Back up dude; I don't think so.

You know, I really feel much better. Thanks Social Chick. :)


#3 HOLLAR - hate excuses even if they're not lies they're still excuses

#6 HOLLAR which I'm pretty sure I do some of that to myself. ;)

Don't assume things about people that you just don't know are true.

kristin k

I think I will have to HOLLA at 1 thru 10!!! These are all pretty valid important things!! As far as #8 I also think you shouldn't put your business on FB to get all upset and whiney when people are talking about your business!
My #1 People minding my business about having a child so young or having more children...My daughter is 11 yrs old and I would love to have more...why do they have a right to tell me "how could you ever want to start over you were so young when you had her you should take the opportunity to have a life of your own now that she is growing up! Well my child whether she is 3 or 63 will always be my life and my number one priority and just because I had her at the age of 16 does NOT make me feel like I missed out on life! It has been a beautiful life that through all of the ups and downs God has blessed me with and he knows BEST! So no I have not missed out on life! So please do not think it is necessary to tell me how much I have sacrificed or gave up or missed out on because none of it would ever compare to the love of my child and the memories of watching her grow up! Sorry to ramble but it just irritates the mess out of me for people to do this to me.


another good post. gotta holler out for #3. i learned on Oprah the other day to start saying 'that doesn't work for me'. I don't like telling people no.


Umm, Holler to all of them!

Some of mine are:

Let your yes be yes and your no be no. This is kind of a spin off of number 3. I have no problem with being told no, just don't tell me your gonna do one thing and then back out at the complete last minute!

Quit assuming that I am someone I am not. In the words of bossy chick and beyonce "you must not know 'bout me".

loving someone where they are at does not mean remain silent and ignore all issues. If you truly love them speak your mind (if God so leads).

And this one is one I have had to learn myself the past couple of months. Don't complain about your situation yet remain idle. Either make the best of where you are at (because a lot of times it's right where God put you) or make a change. And remember how blessed you are, remind yourself of the good things, and don't feel bad about expressing the bad, just don't become consumed and bogged down by it!

These may copy yours and bossy's a bit, but they are my interpretations, lol!

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