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August 13, 2010


Charity White Bauduin

Well said Kristen. It is so tragic that it takes something like a friend/family member dying that makes us re-evaluate our priorities and our outlook on life! God bless you. You are doing a tremendous job!!!

Leigh Garrett

My heart and prayers are with you and Terry as well as the family for their loss! I am trying even more every day, to take moment to moment, as stated by you, to appreciate each moment and live for God!
Thank you for sharing Kristen! God Bless You Honey! :)

Leigh Garrett

oops...I meant Teddy! :) ..its late.:)and I didn't hit the button for preview...I'm trying not to be a perfectionist:)


Needed this reminder. I've been letting myself feel so overwhelmed by all the changes going on in our life instead of being excited over where God is taking us.

I was thinking while I was riding down the road the other day that I am blessed that my hubby is home with me every night. There are wives whose husbands are gone for super long amounts of time fighting in the military or working off to take care of thier family. Or even like the family you shared about and have lost thier spouse. I am so blessed and I am making the conscious effort to change my thought process.

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