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August 02, 2010



Yes & Yes!


Great post. If all were honest, we all struggle with this. I notice most striking when we are TIRED and in a HURRY and easily irritated. Which is when . . . all the time?

The more we try to cram in, the less we have time for people. To give them the same allowances we would want.

My personal theme for this upcoming school year is "living with grace." Even when the world is seemingly falling down around me, I will still act in a way befitting grace. I have a long learning curve on this one so far. Urghhh . . . darn flesh.

Lisa Taylor

This is great stuff! You really hit the nail on the head. It is human nature to judge people. But, for me, the difference in displaying Christian behavior is 1)knowing when to keep your thoughts to yourself 2)asking God to forgive you for having those ugly thoughts 3) humbling yourself to pray for your enemy. I have really been struggling with some of these things. This was a great testimony for my soul.

It is also helpful when you get to a point in your walk with God that you no longer care when people talk about you.


stepping on toes? Yes I think so. Do my toes need some stomping on? Yes, definitely. Thanks for sharing Bossy!


This is SO right on and I think God has been dealing with several on this very issue. NOT reality! Thanks for sharing!


Great post! It is so easy to judge when you think people aren't doing things the way that you do them or the way you think they should do them! Trying to see past people and their actions but loving them through God's eyes! So hard some times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


"try to look past the behavior to the root of why they are acting that way, and then lift them up in prayer" This is sooo true! I have been dealt with strongly along these lines lately. I never want to make others form opinions that would hinder someones walk or friendships.

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