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June 07, 2010



You're right, the pictures are gorgeous! I will be praying for you (and the 3 little angels), it sounds more than overwhelming. I love blogging because people are so honest - it makes motherhood seem more manageble when you know other people are feeling the same way. You post made me laugh and scared me to death - I have been thinking I'm ready for #2 ... hmmm... Hugs!(and major props for being brave enough to post what everyone thinks every now and then)


Maybe our little sister could just stay in until she has mastered sleeping all night. Then I could deliver, how do you think that would work for me? lol!

Your doing great!


Your honesty is refreshing. I will be praying for you and your sweet little ones. I won't offer any advice cause I am sure you have heard it all already. You are doing great!!! Be blessed!


oh thank you thank you thank you for sharing your heart. your GENUINE heart. In light of your stress, and in light of the fact I only have one child, it was just nice to hear someone vocalize the things that I am thinking.

also the blog that I refer a lot of people to when they want to judge is:

:) Bless you and your beautiful family.

Andrea W

I am very proud of you for completing the blog. You are a great mom and you have three beautiful little girls!!!


Would you rather go back to my condition? I think not!

I think you are doing great! Before you know it they will all be best friends and you won't be able to get them apart.

Megan (the OTHER sassy!)

I'm like all of the above and so glad that you wrote down everything in my head and put it in a blog. I only have 1 kid, feel like I'm going crazy ALL the time, never have makeup on and always have my hair up. YOU, my dear friend, look fabulous and cute and put together ALL the time and you have no idea how much respect I have for you. I'm pretty sure that if I were in your position, I'd be living in a room with padded walls by now. You should be so proud of yourself! I love you and ALL of your beautiful girls!

Jessica W.

I love your honesty Social! Honestly, I don't see how any mother deal with one kid, so you balancing 3 deserves major props. And you're right, the pics are adorable.


Well sista, God did KNOW that you could handle it and here you are with 3 beautiful girls. Three obviously didn't do me the way it did you but boy howdy...let me tell you....4 KICKED MY BUTT!!!!! They are beautiful and those moments of insanity will not pass, you'll just get better at disguising them. LOL!!!

Lisa Taylor

Bless you! I would have to be institutionalized if I had a second one. I am sincerely thankful for my pea-pie, but I'm not organized enough to handle two. Guess he will have to settle for a puppy to play with one day. LOL!
You are a good woman. Just remember -
'Tis the season for vacation bible school. I'd be signing my little sweeties up for everyone with-in twenty miles of here. It's a win-win situation.


I, too, love your honesty. I don't have three, but I had two under the age of 14 months that completely drained me. I look back and wonder how in the world I survived. I'm sure you will too. Keep up the good work!!


I'll be getting you a 4th of July present, Party Mix... uppers, downers, and candy corn

laura mccoy

It's a challenge, to be sure but you are up to it. It can only get easier from here sweetie. The pictures are beautiful.


I dont think you should complain. Ungodly. You must not love them....bbahahahahahahahahahaha.

I also think there was a mistake made and one was intended for my home. Ive sent a STRONGLY worded letter to the MAN UPSTAIRS.

Ayshia Hatcher

As you know I can hardly handle one, much less three under three. Don't know how you do it! I sure hope my sister read this post. I don't think she is quite sure if they are done with 2 kids or not. I am PRAYING she is - for her sanity sake!


K, I laughed the entire time I read this because I have to say a BIG AMEN SISTA! I just pray that mine don't remember all the yelling that their mommy does and only remember the good times! SweetPea and Drgonfly are almost 4 yr. old and I am still living (whew) and I think God has a sense of humor! Missing you girls!


lol- I am laughing because I am sure (if I were a mom) I would be giving you a big AMEN! You are definitely a great mom to be able to multitask the way you do :) Love you!

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