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April 14, 2010



Did the music coming from the car happen to be in the town where my family baseball's it up, b/c those same kids were there on Sat, ugg!
I love your honesty, and a dolphin is a gay shark, you can look it up, I'm just sayin...


#10 has been a lesson to me too. They have to be honest w/ themselves first and want help. Congrats on being hit on by a teenager. I have been hit on by another woman recently! I thought I'd pee my pants. #17 That is why I like to watch Ruby. It makes me feel better that someone else would love to be my size. Enjoy your ballgames! Love ya!


Prettier sure you will be smaller than me for a while. Have you seen the double chin!
I would give you Tiny Bliss if you can talk Mr. Social in to it. SHe is named after himso it may be ral hard. Just saying. Justin Beiber gets on my nerves. I actually stolled my quote from my sister in law but I will say it again. He should be climbing a tree somewhere, not singing about love taht he knows nothing about!


oops! I dont know what Prettier is. Probably a redneck version of pretty. lol!


Love your list! You always make me laugh. See, I'm that person that laughs. I just set my DVR to record Glee. I have to see what all the talk is about. Mr. Singer said, "Have fun watching that..ALONE."


I still struggle with what to call the one calling the game, we do so many sports too, that I forget what to call them from game to game and that's after many years of sports, but it's okay we're moms and we're still okay with not knowing everything.


I take issue with #1, Fergie is a lyrical GENIUS... he's my witness, I put them boys on rock, rock, and they be linin' down the block just to watch what I got... your welcome, because now this song will be in your head all day!

Jessica W.

Sassy, I love your sense of humor! I could spout song lyrics to almost every number. Don't hate spring breakers or those that go to the beach inbetween classes :) I think number 19 was my favorite...TOO FUNNY!

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