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April 14, 2010



lol...Superman finds his second wind. Shouldve just given him to


#3..most exhuasting day of my life.
and i love pictures with a post.


I totally didn't even notice your hair. What does that say about my focus these days??? :-P Or, you are overly critical of yourself. I can't imagine that any woman would do that.

You have to find a day that we can get together this summer and talk camera!


I like Pics with posts! You are a great Parent. I wish I had your patience. I have watched you take your kids a side and quietly explain to them what they are doing wrong and warn them. They respect you! Awesome! Mine whines so much these days, after I get on to him. I want to scream!!! The cake would be super cute w/ bubbles flippers and goggles on it;o) Love ya!


No photochick it was that bad you are just trying to be nice. I can say that I'm her sister.
I'm glad I have a sister like you to share New Bliss or Love Bug with. I know you will be there in any way.
The pic of us at the sale is horrible of me. I'm huge and it was 2 motnhs ago. Good Lord!


Social - you weren't that big. Sweatshirts are never flattering even if they were super cute (embroidered by A&J):-)

Amy - That's the best compliment!! Thank you. But, let me assure you that you are not alone in the whiny kid and wanting to scream department!

Photo - I'm ready. Name the day. I'll even take off work but I think we should meet up at the beach...just sayin. ;-)


I love pictures with the blogs, and no it isn't bad that your jealous of Mr. Singer losing weight, sometimes I look at Mr. Bossy and want to pummel his skinny-ness, maybe if he swells from the beating he'll look fat, and I love how you didn't know there was already an Aquaman, its so 'Anne of Green Gables' of you.


love pictures on the blog!
your children are too cute!


I love the pics, you did a great job, getting to be quite the photographer!

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