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February 03, 2010


danny scott

hmmmmm! i did roz's when i got her new toyota tag.but they told me i had to do the dance in bonifay.ok i throwed down my old drivers lisence and bingo.i know you should of worn a birka.sfp


Sorry it was such a bad experience, I hate having to do things like that.


That is the most backwards drivers license office I've ever heard of. I don't know what laws she was talking about (sounds like she made them up). I renewed my license last year and didn't have to take any of that stuff!


I seriously can't help laughing out loud, because a woman in my office was expressing her bitterness about the new law earlier this week. I even thought about it yesterday when Sassy put up her post. Of course, when Sassy never said anything about having to jump through so many hoops, I just thought it was our DMV. Sorry you went through all that. I probably would have lost it if I'd had to do that while pregnant!!!


It took me forever to read this because WORK kept interupting me, but Im DYING LAUGHING...ummm sorry, I know it was tramatic, BUT ITS HILARIOUS reading it...BTW I would have burned the building down, then flipped around and said, "BLESS YOUR HEART"


This is SO something that would happen to me. I felt your pain (as I was cracking up). This is why I love you (and the rest of the chicks..) because you are HUMAN!!

Jessica W.

I'm glad I wasn't in class reading this because I totally cracked up. Yeah I hate it when someone calls me honey too...glad its not just me. Thanks for the laugh.

Ayshia Hatcher

I know it's not funny but it's hilarious to me!! One reason I find this a bit hysertical is we have a friend who moved from Dothan to Chipley. He receives ALL of his bills electronic except the pest control bill. We (the office) had to create him a bill to take to the driver's license office because he too, has nothing in the mail w/ this mailing address on it. I was shocked! to find out what all you have to have now to get a license. I am sooo sorry that happened to you. I can't stand to be called honey either. You DID make my day though!


Social, this is horrible! I'm with Sassy, I would have burned the building down!


So funny and horrible and totally sounds like everything I try to get done! :-P

You have to email me so I can tell you a funny story.


This was so horrible to you but it gave me such a laugh I had to share it with others! I'm sooooo sorry...

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