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February 12, 2010



Love you bunches!! I am the same way. You know how overwelmed I get, but I would def not have a problem accepting help from my husband!!! I am always here if you want to vent. I don't have much time these days, but you can come over for a pedi maybe this wknd. My loved ones say I am pretty darn good at it;o)


FYI I love doing it so don't feel guilty;o) I don't want to play w/ your hair thoughLOL!

a white

I was told once that by not accpeting the help of others can sometimes rob them of a blessing. you are a wonderful person who is always willing to help so let others help you. It can be a great blessing for them. see it that way they are not doing it out of pity, but out of love. you deserve it!

Lisa Taylor

When I was preggo just a few months ago I could NOT stand being on bed rest. It drove me crazy to have to sit still and rely on others to help me. Even after the baby was born, I felt guilty that I couldn't do everything on my own. Four months into this parenting thing, I have learned to accept help. My hubby, mother, and mother-in-law have really stepped up to help out. I even had a preggo friend who helped me out by keeping my baby when I had an emergency a few weeks ago. I don't know what I would have done if she hadn't. ;-)

Everyone needs help at some point in their life. There is no shame in taking help when people offer. I personally believe that it is also okay to ask for help when you need it. You will learn pretty fast if people are sincere or not about helping. God didn't tell us to love our neighbors so that we could turn our backs on them in their times of need!


1- why didn't you say YES
2- I don't let guilt make any of my decisions, (minus the balloons after the spelling bee, lol)
3- I don't accept help very well either

asking for or needing help is NOT a sign of weakness, in fact I think it shows more strength to show ourselves to others when we are vunerable, its a "letting go" and its not easy, but I wouldn't have thought any less of you if you had said yes, everybody at some point or another needs help, and if they say they haven't then don't trust them as far as you can throw them, because they are lying, so next time take a deep breath and say YES, and then relax, lol

danny scott

trust me i know painnnn!


We all deal with the same issues I think. Take the help!!!! You are always willing to help everyone else. So you know this in your head, it's the taking it to heart that is the hard part. Let me know when you figure out the trick. I need to know it too. :={


Like everyone else said, you do so much for others let them do it for you. Just be glad you have people that will offer to do these things.


I am terrible at accepting help too! good for you for putting this out there ... we should all be more aware in this community of women that we all need help sometimes even if we act like we don't :)

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