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January 28, 2010



Bed time use to go like this for us. Momma I need you to cover me up, Momma I can't find my blanket, Momma I need to wash my hands, Daddy are you going to work tomorrow, Daddy who works with you. Until we came up with a new rule. Bathroom and sip of juice before bed. If you get up or call momma or daddy after we gave tucked you in you will get a spanking. After one good pop on the butt she knew we were serious. Now she just sits in there and talks and sings to herself until she goes to sleep. No more getting up and down for me! Thank God!


Quadruple that for me and you know what I go through every night. It's literally about an hour process but I have to admit they are really good girls. I plan to take that hour but I'm doing literally everything else I need to do during that hour. I just say...okay girls it's time for bed and they are like little robots (most of the time) they brush teeth, pj's, yada yada, Maddie reads the bible story to her little sisters andthen I go in for prayers and hugs and kisses and water, and back to the potty and I need another hug, you didn't give me another hug, Maddie won't let me sleep with ehr, I want to sleep with you, I need to pray again, water- AGAIN..and yes that list goes on until I say.... . THAT IS IT...LAY DOWN, CLOSE YOUR EYES, CLOSE YOUR MOUTH, DON'T MOVE, DON'T TOUCH YOUR SISTER AND DON'T GET UP UNLESS YOU ARE PEEING ON THE BED!!!! and if you do,....I'm coming with the belt. Yep, that does it everytime and withing minutes they are sound asleep or at least they look like it.

Ayshia Hatcher

Caroline is getting better. Lord help, it was REALLY bad for awhile. And, btw, I become a bee-yach if I don't get food! :)


singer, I love you, this story is greatness. I guess this is what our future bedtimes hold, lol!


We don't have problems with bedtime yet, but I do have a problem with LBSCBDO.


Oh and I'm pretty sure my son has a problem with LBSCBDO too. lol


Well this I cant really complain about (IMAGINE THAT). I guess cause theyre upstairs its too much work for them to go up and down the stairs. The problem we have is hearing little feet running. Then we BUST 'UM! Thats he only way we know when they are out of bed...clomp clomp clomp, I Yell, then its fast clomp clomp clomp, jump in bed...silence....


Bedtime was ALWAYS a battle in our house...until hubby got on a normal schedule. There is no more bedtime battles when hubby is home. Just his presence keeps them in their bed. I love it...dislike it when he isn't home. :)


I don't feel sorry for singer chick at all....she should share what we had to go through when she was little. It was the worst. She was very determined and her daddy was even more determined!!


This is so funny! After being very frustrated the other night I yelled "Why does this have to be like this every single night GO TO SLEEP NOW" Followed w/ "Mommy you said you were not going to yell b/c it hurts my feelings" Our Bed time drama starts right after bath. I don't want to go to bed, its not time for bed yet is it?, Please let me play w/ trains a yittle bit yonger, You have 20min. The count down begins 10min 5min... then the crying begins. Spanking is just about a gurantee. Then we finish picking up toys. I read two stories 3 if he has obeyed. We pray for eveything under the sun;o) Then he begs me to lay w/ him a little longer. If he talks or plays I get up and listen to another 30 min of crying. I have begun this process earlier and by the time he is asleep I am exhausted. We are even praying that bed time goes smoother. LOL! Glad I am not alone.


I'm with Sassy, nothing to complain about on this one, but it came from being very consistant when they were young, and also telling them if you pee in your bed, after you've already peed twice in the bathroom, then I'll change your clothes after you fall asleep, so don't ask AGAIN, or if you die because I won't let you out of bed so you can't get ANOTHER sip of water I'll call the ambulance or rush you right to the hospital and I'm sure they'll be able to save you, their response needless to say was rolling eyes and turning over to go to sleep


I do have to add, Little Man's poochy lip moves me too, lol

Jessica W.

Oh my goodness, bedtime with Mckenzie is usually not to fun. She must have inherited her attitude from me because when she gets tired she gets ill, but of course doesn't want to go to bed. Though for us we only have her some weekends. BTW, adorable pics!!


They are soooo cute! I love the pic of little man! Girl PLEASE try nap time with 18 kindergarteners! IT'S HORRIBLE! I get nothing done! I TRY to grade papers but Oh no! I end up having to tell about 5 kids to sit down and not talk like 10,000 times and that's just during nap time!!


My favorite is when he is suddenly hungry right when he gets in the bed. I gave in a few times, but now I usually just tell him to remember to eat more tomorrow night. Then an hour before bed time I remind him that it is his last opportunity to eat before we brush teeth. That way when he tries that little line at bedtime I can simply say, SORRY! I can be ruthless when I need sleep. :-P


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