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January 11, 2010



I love love love the one of Big Man and Miss Priss reading with Nana! We need to blow it up and frame it for her!


I love all the pictures!
I just had to get our tree down, had to have room for all the toys.


my tree is still up, but no decor, just to lazy to shove it in the box and put it back in the closet!

I love the one with the all the christmas chaos at nana's, I didn't get any of our fam doing that this year. I am bad with the camera these day's need to get on the ball!


Great pictures! I took my tree down on New Year's day..I just couldn't handle it lights outside are another story..I'm still trying to get my husband out there, I don't blame him though it is so cold.


My tree is still up . . . actually on purpose this time. I'm enjoying it so much more after Christmas than before. Even though I'm busy back at work it's so nice to sit at night in the dark except for the glow of the tree while I nurse baby brother before bed. Before Christmas every time I saw it I just thought of everything I needed to do. LOL


oh, and I love the photo with nana too!!!

Jessica W.

I heard once that a family didn't want to take down the tree due to not having time and one day they just decided to stand it up in a closet...decorated and all. So when next year came around all they had to do was pull it out and just touch it up. Of course it was a artificial tree.

Looks like y'all had a pretty awesome Christmas. Love the pics.


Mine is still up! Honestly the only reason it went up is because your boys (mostly big man) and miss priss helped! And I am not gonna lie I am not looking forward to taking it down! Yes I am kinda lazy but mostly because when I do make it home around 6 or 7 everynight after 8-3:30 of kindergarten and another hour of work I am BEAT! So yes I go home eat and go to bed!


Still up. I read somewhere that people who take theirs down before Martin Luther King Day will die early...not a threat...just sayin...

Oh and I LOVE the boys Christmas present shirts. Super cute.

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