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January 06, 2010



i think it would be so cute!


Maybe it's because I know the "original" Teddy but I just can't think of it as a feminine name. I like Abby Love much better. That said, she's your child and if you love it I think you should do it regardless of whether or not other people like it! It's a hard decision :)


I really really love Abby Love! I have been thinking of how cute it is since you blogged about it the 1st time! So my vote is to stick with Abby Love! Sorry Teddy!

Heather Suber

I agree with Uncommonblonde, knowing the original "Teddy" is hard to think of it as a little girl. What if you spelled it differently?


Well I would probably spell it Teddi!


I like the name, but would like it more if Teddy was short for something. Without it being short for a girls name it may come off too masculine when she gets to the age of self awareness. The middle name Love definitely helps make her full name more feminine, but you have to think about her not only as a baby, but as a little girl as well as a young adult. After much consideration we named our son Moses. After telling people we got lots of strange looks and remarks; but now that he’s a walking talking little boy we are so happy we choose to be different!


I love the name Abby. And I love to here Miss Priss say it! But the more I think about it Teddi would be cute. I just dont wanna have any mean little boys or girls making fun of her!

Jessica G.

While the name Teddi for a girl would be unique, Abby Love is my favorite. It's cute, just like she will be!


I really like the name Abby Love (but I love the name Abby =), so...) but Teddi Love would be cute and like the others said, she is all yours so you can name her whatever you and your husband fall in love with.


I LOVE Teddi! and I've know the daddy Teddy for years, I don't think it's to boyish or that I would associate it back. I have alwyas loved when people use a boyish name for a girl, like James or Ryan, it's just different.

As a person with a very different name I say go for it. I don't think she'll be made fun of at all, and my name has Always been a conversation piece when I meet people. She'll have a whole little story behind it since the name is more than one generation old. She'll be carrying a legacy on!

Ayshia Hatcher

I personally do not care for Teddy. From a medical standpoint, when we are calling patients and don't readily know a patient, and they have a "female" name and they are male or a "male" name and they are female, it gets very confusing. But, it's your child and you and your husband pick the name that best fits you and your family!


Ayshia is right! The looks Whitney gets and the stories we can tell from doc appts to hospital stays! They always try to take me back. No thank you, I do not need back surgery or spinal injections but yes, I will claim the flowers the operating room staff sent to him (Mrs Chastain) after they operated on him.
However, both of my kids are named after Whitney Jason but he has both a feminine and a masculine name. He grew up as Jason but as an adult started using Whitney and he likes that it is different.
But I still do like Teddi Love!


I think Teddy would be fine with a different middle name, something she could choose to go by as an adult, if she wished to make that decision. To me, Teddy Love is too cutesy to be taken seriously as an adult's name.


Have you thought about Theodora?


i'm on the fence. i really like abby love. i also like teddi although i agree with tara that teddi love is cute now but is almost too cutesy. but more than that, b/c i really like both names, would it be confusing to have 2 teddy's in the same house? when you call out the name teddy will both answer you? just a thought.

like everyone else, you go with the one you love best.

like plannerchick, my name has always been demetrius, damris, demerIUS, and they think i'm an african american man....but i still love my name---so who cares what people think?


okay....i don't want my comment about being confused for an african american guy to be taken the wrong way....

it's just that i am a cuban that is my point...i don't mean anything negative.
that's all :)


I like Abby Love best. I was named after my father. His name is Jerry, they changed the way Jerry was spelled and added ann. As a kid and young adault I hated my name. I have been called Geraldine, Garyann, Geranium. I love it now. Just a few things about nameing a girl after her father.


I think you should name her Tedora Jean Marie...Just Sayin ;)

Jessica W.

well...I love Abby Love but honestly didn't know where Abby came from since Little Miss has a combo of family names (does Miss Priss have family names too?). I'm not too sure I like Teddi as a girl's there an names you could combine with Teddy to create a more girly name? So far my vote is with Abby Love.

Mama C

Name of Abby - origin in Hebrew means "Father in rejoicing "0r "Father of exaltation"
Name of Love - means Love affection
So...Fathers exaultation of love and affection
Name of Teddy - in Greek means Gift of God
so....Gift of God of love and affection
I like them both!!


So apparently I was neck deep in homecoming and missed all the posts this week and as I feel a need to not be left out I have to post this in retrospect . . .

Sissy had the most different name in the whole world (wouldn't she agree?) and she turned out just perfect. And it was my favorite thing in the world to introduce her and explain her name!! :-P

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