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January 06, 2010



I know I get to stay at home and Im not a working mother but I was raised by two working parents. Never did I think I didn't get enough attention. I always knew they were doing exactly what they had to to raise me and singerchick. I know its hard but you have to make time for mom or time for mom and dad. I'm know super baby understands. I'm sure he loves spending some time with Grandparents, aunts and friends when you do leave him to make time for you.


I am in the same situation and constantly struggle with the same feelings. After ranting to my mother one night about all the housework that needed to get done and how busy I was, she reminded me none of that is important in retrospect. One day you’re going to wake up and your baby isn’t a baby anymore. Even if it’s only for one hour a night, you can shower your love and attention on your baby and they will be able to know how much you love them. On that same note, you don’t want to look back and resent not spending time on yourself or your marriage because you were too focused on your child’s immediate needs. The most important thing is to provide a good loving atmosphere for your child to grow up happy in; part of that includes going to work to financially provide as well as spending time building yourself and your marriage up.


Girl that baby boy loves you! You are fine you are a great mother we all see that! And I can't wait for the new addition to get here! Just one more semester and everyones life will be back to normal! (mine too!!!) :) Now just pray everyone interning has a great first day tomorrow!!


You are a great Mommy! Can you go have a lunch break and see your little one now? That would be good, maybe!


I almost cried just reading your post because I think every working mom deals with that same issue. I think your kids know our heart. When they are all grown up they will know if we truly spent our time building our family (dad included!) or if we squandered our time. I just tell myself that anyway and hope it's true.

As for how to do it all, Heather 2 told me this . . . "you just do. Because you don't have a choice. And then you look back on it and wonder how you made it."

All I can say is . . Amen and Amen. I'm full throttle in the middle of "you just do it." If you figure out the magic potion, let me know! So far I'm personally going with cut out everything that is not an absolute necessity. What that means is, you might want to call if you're coming over so I can clear a path. :-P

Laura M

Don't worry so much, sweetie. YOu are a great mom, you can see it in superchick's eyes and in his interaction with you and his daddy! It's so hard to balance everything when you are starting a family out. Don't be so hard on yourself, your kids know you love them, all 3 of them!

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