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January 12, 2010



I'm believing for a job for my hubby this year!
A way to get a bigger house would be nice also!


I'm believing we will sale our house this year!

Jessica W.

I like that resolution. I usually hate making them because I NEVER keep them. That though it no ordinary resolution...way to think outside the box!


I am so glad you posted this. Sometimes when the things my friends and I have prayed for happen, I tend to not be as thankful as I should. We prayed for my husband to not be deployed again and his 3rd deployment was canceled officially last week! Time for me stop and realize who that came from.


I'm believing for a miracle that will enable us to sell our house and get into something bigger, healing for my mother-in-law, and work for some loved ones who need it!

Great post! I think I'll make that my theme for the year as well ;)


I am believing for all of our financial needs to be met, in Jesus name AMEN!!


I am believing that God has a bigger plan for my life. I am trusting that even though i do not know the outcome of the next year and where God will send us I do know that he is control and I too am going to give God the glory for the many miracles that he does and will do in my life.


I am believing God to provide for Jessica all that she needs so she can be a mother to Tori and Kristen who stepped out in faith about school will continue to walk in that faith and all that is needed, be provided. NOTHING is too big for OUR GOD! Thanks Social.

lee ann

I am believing God to provide me with a new job in 2010. my current place of employment is closing soon and I have faith that God will provide a new job for me. Like Susan said...NOTHING is too big for our God!


I believe God will make Carey and I a mommy and daddy this year!


I am beleiving that God will bless ya'll enough so I can be your full time nanny and go to school the rest of the time :)


I am believing that we will make money we can bring home with our upcoming Fairytale Sale!

I am also believing that I will make it though this school year, and pass all of my classes with good grades! And that God will give me the drive to do what I've gotta do to get there!


I'm believing that God will shake up the ordinary in my life. I want to walk in the extraordinary!


Ohh, and I call singerchicks to, that is good stuff! I am believing it!

Laura M

I'm believing for finances to buy a new box springs and mattress. We've had ours for 20 years now. I'm also believing for new living room furniture - ours is so old we have duct tape on it!
What an awesome post..encouraging and enlightening. ALL things are possible - if we can steadfastly believe and not lose hope!


I am believing that the relationship between my son and his wife can be restored.


I am believing for an extraordinary outpouring of work for my husband. I am believing in the wisdom and strength to begin writing and complete a book this year.


I am believing for several things for OTHERS!!! I am shifting some prayers to focus on the needs of others and praying for their needs. God has laid several needs on my heart and I am believing for miracals! wooohoo! On another note I am getting more organized in every aspect spiritual, mental......May God Bless all you chicks! Love you all!!!

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