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December 07, 2009



I think that a leash or something similar is a wonderful thing. I have tried to tell my daughter that it will really come in handy. It is not a fashion statement as much as a safty issue. I remember going to the mall shopping and if my child got behind a rack of clothes or out of my sight I would freak out.


Well after loosing Little Sis in a store and constantly chasing her down, I need one! I have not purchased one yet but I'm sure I will see one in my near future!


Before children, I use to think, that's sad you can't control your child so you need a leash.
After children, I completely understand why people own them. :)


Use to think they were horrible until, my busy boy started walking or should I say running!!! Used one for the first time at Disney. I had it wraped around my wrist to keep him closer. It was nice for him to get out of the stroller when he was tired of riding. It took me longer to get use to it, he was fine. I had to catch myself before I yanked LOL!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm not sure I will use one, but I might rethink that. One of my very early memories is being attached to one of those things. Of course then I didn't care, but now I look back and think what the heck!
I'm with Amy, it might be hard not to yank him back like a dog. that sounds horrible!


babychick just wait until you're alone with your kids, somewhere after you new baby arrives, and SuperBaby is running everywhere, lol


Thanks bossy. You are so right. I was always scared that someone would snatch one of mine up.


I will not purchase one because I am intending for someone to grab and tend to one or both of my children, for atleast a bit while I shop. just sayin.


Since there were two of us, Mom had leashes and we turned out fine!

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