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December 30, 2009



I never ever comment, but I do check the blog regularly... Yay for the new post! I also got a Nikon D3000 for Christmas, great isn't it?! As for the future posts, I don't have any suggestions but I really did miss the '25 days of chickmas'...Just sayin'! :)


i can't believe you only have 16 days left. i do hope that all of your needs are met and congratulations again.

as far as ideas, i would like to know like the different kinds of things the chicklets are the phases they are in. since i don't see them, it is nice to know what they're into. i lso think that having a guest writer could be fun (with ya'lls approval). maybe since i used to be a chick, there have been few times when i would have loved to share something. also, maybe you could set up a question spot on the site. i've had questions for the chicks sometimes but didn't have a place on here to ask. nothing brilliant....just some thoughts.


I love the name! So pretty. Vans aren't all that bad =). I drive a 2005 Mazda MPV and it's pretty "hip" husband doesn't care too much for it but I like it and right now we have 2 boys and we are thinking about having another baby, one day, and I like all the space I have. Glad to see an update, I know times are pretty busy, especially right now. Hope you all have a happy new year =)

Jessica W.

No Social not cave into Mr. Social Rooster wanting a van. Looser Cruisers are big and roomy, but do you want to be that soccer mom driving all the kids to practice in her van? lol I'm kidding...after all we have one.

Thank you so much for the post...I've missed Seven Chicks News.


Can't wait to snuggle me some Abby Love!!! I'm thinking I might need to blog as well, I'm just sayin! lol


you will look so cool in a van ;)


I love my van;o)

Jacqueline Paprzycki

Hey there new to your site, but I love it. Firt off congrats on the upcoming addition to your family. I think the reason behind the name makes perfect sense. On the van, trust when I say get one. I have a '08 Nissian Quest and I love it. My guy said he would never drive one either, but now he drives it all the time (he is even using it this weekend in Houston while the boys and I use the truck).

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