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November 05, 2009



Well, first of all, my daddy always told me, "IF IN DOUBT, DON'T DO!" That always stuck with me. And secondly, discernment is a gift! Don't ever second guess yourself in that area. If you feel uncomfortable or hesitant in a situation, you can rest assured that God put that feeling on you for a reason. You are very smart to listen when He tells you something. And lastly, the things you have described here are exactly why I'm glad I don't live "in town"!!
I'll pray for the Lord to put a hedge of protection around you and your family. You can never be too cautious, especially these days.

nancy everitt

Well said Ellen.

Mama C

We are a little out of town - two men stopped by one day and handed me a free liter of coke - when I would not contribute to their cause they yanked the coke back and walked off! I called and warned my neighbors!


I'm a scaredy cat. We use the back door so if someone comes to the front door and I'm by myself I usually don't open it. lol pathetic I know.


im just like baby chick! I a ma scaredy cat so if I dont know you I dont answer the door! lol


You're being SMART! I've heard all kinds of scam stories lately. I wouldn't trust ANYBODY! If their intentions are truly sincere, they will respect you for being cautious. I heard a story of a woman who was approached by three guys "selling magazines". They asked the woman if she lived in the house by herself and if she was married. She said yes (she's really not) and that her husband was on his way home. when she told them she didn't want to buy anything, they said if she just gave them some money they would go away. She gave them $10 and they left. She called the police and they checked them out, but they couldn't take them in for anything. Who knows what would have happened if she wouldn't have given them anything?! I think you're being wise to be cautious, ESPECIALLY since you have little ones at home. I'm always hesitant of strangers. I guess I've just watched too many Dateline stories and investigation shows. It's better to be safe than sorry though.


Since I'm married to...well you know...I have strict orders - NEVER OPEN THE DOOR. We also have a no solicitation sticker on our mailbox...although some people fail to see it. When my hubby isn't home, I do not answer the door.
IF there are bad intentions, opening the door is only making things easier...keeping the door closed will buy you time to react.
I can't wait til we get a fence and a gate at the entrance of our house!!


Our whole neighborhood is covered by a no soliciting sign a both entrances, but sometimes people don't respect that. Usually I just don't open the door. I wouldn't open the screen door if you're going to answer it. At my old house I had a chain and I would keep that on when I opened the door.


You are not in the wrong, I wouldn't even open the door at all!


Brooke and I are by ourself all the time since Reggie works out of state if you dont call before you come to my house then I DONT OPEN THE DOOR

Andrea White

the same thing happened to me a few weeks ago. a guy knocked on my door that I didn't know. I didn't go to the door and he left. a few hours later another guy came to my door and knocked. Again i didn't answer the door but as they were leaving my husband pulled up. they were also selling magazines. He said they seemed legitimate and he order 1 magazine. We are not sure if it was real but he said that if nothing else it was a witnessing opportunity. It made me very uncomfortable because they asked alot of personal questions. I totally agree with what you did. you have to protect yourself. they take the risk of that by knocking on your door. it comes with the territory.


I don't answer the door, even out in the boonies where I live. Heck, I don't even answer the phone if I don't recognize the number. :-)


You were being wise... we are told to be "wise as serpents and gentle as doves". You were being both. You were not rude. The intimidation is a tactic to force you to do what they want. I'm proud of you! (and I'm not even you mama - lol)
I don't answer my door unless I know the person or am expecting someone. I started doing that many years ago when my husband traveled.
My time and energy and privacy are just that... MINE ... I don't have to give it to someone just because they demand it. It was a hard lesson for me since I'm a "pleaser".
It became as important for me to guard those things as to guard my peace, home, money, children (which is really what these people usually come to steal and disrupt).
Blessings... again, you are a WISE woman.

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