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September 22, 2009



this is cute!
i remember the nose bleeds...not fun!


lol Kristen I love you!!! And just so you know the alarm clock thing its not just for the pregnant people!!! Trust me!

Amanda P.

I LOVE it!! So cute and true!! I remember being that tierd too.


This is great...I remember now why I dont want to be pregnant again. Thanks.


HOLLA! And, I was worried about snoring...LOL.


hey could I wear those heels till you have the baby?

Jessica W.

You're too funny!

Are you refering to those heels you wore sunday? I can babysit those for you...wait do we have the same shoe size? Never-the-less...I'll cut parts of my feet off if needed. jk.

Andrea White

I love you and I will forgive your odd smells and yelling at me for hitting the brakes. BECAUSE YOU ARE PREGNANT. you have 7 more months to enjoy it and then it must go. j/k.


you are cracking me up!

Laura McCoy

This is a great post - you should consider a blog all your own, you'd have a captive audience, 2b sure.
My sympathies and care are there with you but my goodness, chicka, you have BEAUTIFUL children - I'm sure this new baby will be no exception to that rule! *hugs*


My nose bled so bad this time that it would start as I pulled into the driveway (and I inevitably wouldn't have a tissue) and I literally left a puddle of drops all the way into the house like leaving a trail of bread crumbs. R-E-D-I-C-U-L-O-U-S!!!!

I blessedly missed heartburn both times, although I replaced it with 500 extra pounds!


LOL this cracked me up. I so feel ya... I'm in the 28th week and am soooo ready for people to stop saying, "Wow, you look like you're about to pop", "We're gonna have to tote you around here on a cart (co-workers) HELLO people... i have 2-3 more months, so this is not encouraging! ;) Wishing you a wonderful pregnancy... it's definitely all worth it! =)

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