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September 16, 2009



my vote is no. how about Kreodore? No seriosly, what about Tristen?...may be too much like your name. Mr. Social is cracking me up! LOL


I am not going to lie, I like it. I've never heard it for a girl its always been a if that does end up being her name I would change the spelling without the U in it and may put a I instead...wait what happend to chloe clare?


Claire you are no longer my sister in law.


I'm not a big fan..It's not horrible, but, kinda sounds like you're thirsty or something haha..I vote no.


Im Thur...sten for him to not be allowed to name the baby....just sayin


I love singer's Kreodore...What about Teddsten...or Lovethorn....or Brenbell...or Clairpril....


Or Herrirod...or Carbry...Or Brenrick...I could do this all day...

babychick, no, and no! not for a girl!


its like that old man from Giligans Island!

Pines Lake Redhead

As in Thursten Howell the 3rd? C'mon Lovey Darling!

Never allow a man to pick a baby name. Just let him agree to one you select.


ok my vote is no!
He can't really be serious....Thursten? Really?


Sorry, but the answer is no. You are pregnant nine months. You have morning sickness. You have stretch marks. You have blood taken 1,000,000 times during your pregnancy. You are poked, prodded and beyond uncomfortable. You are taking care of other small children while pregnant with this one. You go through labor. You recover from labor. YOU GET TO NAME THE BABY! But both of you have to agree that the name is right... I will give Mr. Social that much.

(But that's just me. I'm sure if it's a girl and you name her Thurston, everyone will learn to love the name.)


NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!What is Mr. Social thinking!!! And please don't name it after Claire lol jk claire!!! This is too funny!!!


a girl at work just said technically it would be Thristen! Kreodore is another suggestion she came up with. HAHA this is too funny


NO, NO, NO!!! It makes me think of something like "I'm thirstin' for somethan to drank".

Jessica W.

No, especially for a girl. Can you imagine all the jokes she'd be put through in school?!


I'm going with Heck no. Obviously it's not my baby but I am definitely not a fan! We went to school with a boy named Thurston. I'm all for using boys names for girls but not in this case!


its a good boys name not a girl

Heather Suber



I vote no. That's a boy's name anyway (and not a good one!)


jenna said put him in a coma before its too late!


BIG negative!


Of course, I'm a no. But I do know a young girl named Tristen (like singer said) and I always thought that was a cute name!


why not Ickenda? from Rick and Brenda! Ha

Lisa Taylor

No way, but the way Mr. Social came up with the name was sweet. You should give him points for trying.

Why are you worrying about girl names anyway? Didn't you read the Chinese calendar? LOL!

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