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September 12, 2009



I think it's great. Why do we teach our children that boys can only do certain things and girls can only do others? I totally understand that there are basic differences but we should also encourage creativity and individuality and not be so focused on gender roles. Sine you asked, that's my two cents. Be excited, it's a great gift!


I totally agree with uncommonblonde, gender is not decided by what your kids play with, I personally think its fine for a girl to play with trucks and a boy to play with dolls, just like I think its OK for a boy to cry, I HATE, HATE, HATE when people tell boys "suck it up, you're a boy" as if they don't hurt or have feelings, just because they are a boy, can you tell this annoys me?, I digress, I think the kitchen set is perfectly fine for a boy


Only for girls. Because a girl should know her place and thats in the kitchen. Or in the living room barefoot and pregnant. If you get him a kitchen set it will create a unfixable imbalance in the world and he will probably start looking for homes in Maryland where it is legal to marry your "life partner".


I have two boys (ages 18 and 15) and a daughter (age 12). They ALL played with a kitchen set. They ALL enjoyed it. The 18 year-old is all male, as is his football playing brother.

They also ALL played on the outside "fort," the indoor hot wheel tracks and all three had their share of light sabers. They love anything and everything there is to do outside.

It did not hinder their masculine development in the least. I say LET THE BOY COOK!

Jessica W.

I see no problem with him having a kichen set. I don't know about any of you guys when y'all were dating your husbands, but if they were to cook you a meal wouldn't you be impressed? Who knows, he may meet his future wife due to cooking skills and without a kitchen set he may not acquire those skills.

So my question then would be to those who say no would be this: should girls not receive footballs at Christmas or is that just a "guy thing". I hate gender stero-types.


It ur choice as a mom to do what is best for ur children..He is just a child and they like playin w/just about everything. He will love it. My daughter played w/ cars and my son would cut the hair of barbies, but they r both normal..So dont worry about what others think, it is ur child not everyone else's. U know what ur child will like better than anyone.....


since I have a boy and a girl, we never stopped little girl from playing with trucks and never stopped big boy from playing with her girly stuff...unless he tries to start dressing up then we may draw the line ;)
my kids love to cook, encourage it!
I think it is Tyler Florence (from Food Network) that said he learned to cook because his mother couldn't - that is SO going to be Dawson, poor child.

Mama C

He might make millions some day - not only in professional sports but also having A famous restaurant where only he can put together the most wonderful cuisine in the whole word. He will buy his mom and dad a mansion and they will all live happily ever after! Let him play with it!


i love the kitchen set, and i think it is great! i want some play pots and pans for my little one.


Punkin has one and he loves it still. As a matter of fact, there is play food and a plate in the corner of my living room right now!


I got Reis this mini metal cookware set from Ikea and he loves it. He bangs on the pots and pans nonstop. He really loves it, it's the moms who have to suffer from all the noise:)


Cam LOVED his! He loved to help in the kitchen, and it drove me nuts at times. IT was a lifesaver.

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