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September 23, 2009



I have not entered into that stage yet but I know it is coming. Please comment so that we can all learn on what to do or say. Ya'll handeled this very well.


that is sooooo funny, I was laughing out loud reading it!!!

ummm... be prepared for your son to be in the school office for saying a four letter word, after being "influenced" by an older child...
oh wait, that older child belonged to Sassy... I don't know who did the influencing mine or hers, but I'm going with the latter, just sayin'


I was holding my breath about who taught him...LOL..and SHUSH UP BOSSY...its OBVIOUSLY your kid, my kid would NEVER. he would also never say that he would throw something away because it was so $#%@ ugly....oh wait...


My 4 year old has come home using the word "hate" thanks to other kids at school with older siblings. She also told me she was going to "kill me" when she was mad at me. Again, thank you school.
You're definitely not alone. ;)


It's hard to take it with a grain of salt, but I try. I know he really doesn't know what he's saying, just repeating. Then try to figure out how big of a deal to make out of it without making such a big deal out of it that it doesn't make him WANT to say it again.

Nothing like learning while you go. Therapy anyone?


Singer, I'll never forget when you said
F R A N K L E Y...I don't give a Da#@$%^
daddy! At the same age of 3 or 4 and I almost fainted. It comes from TV...
hear the wise old owl, they will survive.

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