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August 05, 2009



I'mso glad it is your child and not mine. I must say that she is exhausting.

Getting up early and out the door is making me tired to. I have been taking naps every afternoon. lol!


Oh it's so HARD getting back into a routine, an EARLY rountine at that! All I can say is thank you God for coffee!! That's hilarious about the backpack and I need to know STAT when will my kids be old enough to pack their own lunch.


well The Boy is 8 and he's been packing his own lunch for 2 years. This is what they put in, a main lunch item, fruit( this is a must, or a veggie) and a sweet side, and a salty side, all of their choice. To make this easier, when I buy groceries, I go ahead and put the snack stuff in snack size baggies and put them all in a bin in the pantry, so they can grab it quickly(this saves so much time in the morning), and drinks, and then ice packs. They are also responsible for un-packing their lunch box as soon as they get home, this is because, it was apparently too much for me to remember to put the ice packs in the freezer every night and it sent me into orbit the next morning not to have any frozen, so now it's their job.


Good to hear from you. I asked planner about you the other day. I was starting to get worried. LOL!

Along the same lines . . . I'm buying a timer for Punkin today. I'm going to set it for 15 minutes every morning from now until school starts to work on getting dressed faster. :-P

Jessica W.

I'm glad you're alive. I'm missed your crazy posts about your funny kids. Honestly, I don't see how you moms do's complete craziness.


Hoodini's Hijinks always comfort me when my baby does something crazy. You always have a crazier story, lol! I love my tiny girl!

I am all for more swimming, just think next time we do the springs I will be SOOO much less busy! YAY!


ooh I am not looking forward to the day mine gets out of his crib...i can just see it now.

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