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August 18, 2009


Lee Ann

Been there...Done that. The best advice I can give you is to take her out about every 3 hours. You may have to wait a little bit before she does her "business" but when she does praise her alot and give her a treat when she goes. Now when she has an accident in the house, stick her nose in it, spank her butt and tell her "NO". It may take a while for her to get the hang of it but when she does you will have no problem. If you don't want to take her out you can use the puppy pad method. Like I said before, about every 3 hours or so make her sit on the pad until she goes. And then praise her and give her a treat when she does. I prefer taking her outside because then she has the opportunity to sniff around outside. I tried to use the puppy pad method but all mine wanted to do is drag the pad around and use the bathroom on the carpet. Whatever mothod you sue, have fun and good luck!

Mama C

What a cutie pie I love her !!! are there any more where she came from?


Mama C,
There may be you can ask Anyssa and she will be able to tell you.

Jessica W.

Cute puppy...good luck with potty trainning


I don't have a clue, but that puppy is so photogenic! :-P


Well we crate trained our dachshund, Brewer. And luckily he was pretty easy! We took him out about every 4 hours. We both work during the day but I'm only about 10 minutes from home so I would run home on lunch and take him outside. I would praise him when he went and give him treats. He had a few accidents in his crate when we started out, but he quickly learned he didn't want to sit in there with that mess. hehe As they get older they can hold it longer so now he can be home all day and do just fine in or out of the crate... but of course I always try to run home anyways to see him and let him out since i'm so close.
Good Luck!

Bossy's m-i-l

We have a minature dachshund and we also did the crate thing. He slept in the crate and we would take him out first thing in the morning. Then reward him with a doggie treat after he goes. Our book said a 3 month old needs to go every 3 hours and it suggests taking a soiled paper(one he's wet on)with you and have him sniff it. That helps him go. Also use a word like (hurry)when you take him out to go so he will learn to associate it with going. Our dog still knows what hurry means. When he got so he didn't wet in the crate at night we started letting him stay out. Good luck!

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