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June 10, 2009



Thanks for posting the poem, tears and all (and there were many!). I actually remember vividly going out to eat with the chicks when you were VERY pregnant and you talking about this very subject.

I've reminded myself of that conversation many times lately as I've started to have the same thoughts and fears. I know it's normal, but it is very hard to imagine ever loving someone else so much. I know I will and I am already excited to see Punkin as a big brother. And think of all the photo opps! :-P


At least you warned me that this would make me cry. I already had mascara smears from reading "Dear Punkin" ... Ok, enough with the sad posts!


i guess i read the blogs in the wrong order. i just cried at photo's blog and continued the tearing at this blog. i've nothing to add.


I haven't even had another and this makes me cry. I have already wondered how I will ever love another as much as I love my tiny. I will keep this to come back to when we one day bring another one home!

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