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June 30, 2009



I have been doing this since March and I have saved SO much $ it is unreal ... I usually save double what I spend! I also have TONS more food in the house. SO much that I have not been grocery shopping in about 3 weeks except for milk and bread.

when you are back to grocery shopping again you will enjoy it ... it is like a game to see how much we can save!


My best friend taught me about couponing in December and I've been hooked ever since! Sites like make it so easy!! They do all the work for you -- you just buy 2-3 newspapers a week and stock up on things when they're on sale (plus with coupons). I have a huge stockpile of groceries and our bills are cut in half. The savings are so much better than what I used to spend, even at the wholesale clubs. You'll definitely get hooked when you see how much you save!


I always look at the sale ads for Publix. They have a lot of BOGO free items. Take advantage and plan meals that week using the items that are on sale. I also try to stock up.
Costco saves us a lot of $$ too and keeps us with a full freezer/pantry.


I found something called Alice. It's an online service that send groceries and supplies to your house and shipping is always free. I've not ordered yet, but my cart is full. They also have coupons you can use at checkout! Check it out!


I spent about 2 hours yesterday researching all of this stuff. There are some serious people out there about couponing. There is also a LOT of info to be gleaned! I am going out to buy the Sunday papers this week and get started!


Thanks to all for the info. I'll have to check it out when time allows again!

Planner- you are cracking me up. You like a deal as much as I do no matter what it's on! :-)


I am seriously into my coupons. I save them and use them when things are BOGO to get things super cheap. I also stock my freezer on meats and chicken when it goes on sale so I always save in that area. Last week my savings at Publix were $32! I get way too excited about these things but what can I say, it's my nerdy side :)

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