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June 24, 2009



sorry I can't help with any cool ideas. We too have been run in by the heat. But they boys do play with a slip and slide occassionally. If you come up with anything else please post. :)


I love the sprinklers at the park in Bonifay and it's free. Just take a lounge chair and sit right on the edge so you can get a little wet too and stay cool.

We took Punkin to Destin Commons to the free movie yesterday and I was going to let him play in the sprinklers. Of course, being a typical boy, he wanted to play on the HOT playground instead with all the other "big boys." Beyond my comprehension.

What about a slip and slide too? You could sit under a sprinkler while she played. Or just a small pool.


since you have the boys, get some (or borrow) some water guns. You can get in on the action (you hold the hose, lol) and spray them and yourself down, everyone can get wet and endure the heat.


It is hotter than hell ;)
We try to go out in the morning time, after breakfast, before it starts getting really hot. We have a water table, the kids really enjoy that...I put bubbles in it when they start to get bored. It's in the shade because putting on sunscreen and then smelling like it all day isn't that fun to me.
We also have a sandbox. I put up a big umbrella to shade the kids from the sun.

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