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June 18, 2009



My husband feels the same way. He was like who exactly determined a cuss word was a cuss word? He said so if I say that Whoa is a bad word and tell everyone that eventually whoa will be's funny to hear you say this because it sounds just like him. I can't think of anything funny we say..just the norm..I've heard my boys say dangnabit. It's pretty funny to hear, I'm just not sure where that get it from.


I say whatever comes to mind that doesn't sound might not make sense but it works for me.


son of a biscuit eater...
mother lover...
fan freakin tastic...
well ain't that some "s,h,i"

my fav that my mom says is...polly foo foo


I'm with you, I think that they are words made bad, some do mean gross or vile things. But they have been taken and made cuss words.

My personal bad words lately are:
For the love of bob (taken from the cartoon rugrats)
Geez Louise
Geez Freakin Louise (if its bad)
Geez Mother Freakin Louise (if its real bad)
And the always faithful.... Crap

And I am no angel so on the occasion there are some of the "bad" ones thrown in there (like in the middle of the night when I don't know what my newborn infant wants) lol!


Oh I forgot some after reading Bossy's
I also
S-H-I (spelled out)
Shitake Mushrooms
and an oldie, but a goodie that I still bring out on occasion
Freak a Monkey (I used to get in trouble for this one in high school, lol)


I have no idea where this comes from, but I say "Moses Jones" instead of J.C. It works for me!

My mom used to say "Shoot a monkey" especially when playing Tetris on our Nintendo! ;)


I'm not too fond of GD or "f" that, but I worked in a restaraunt for three years and unfortunately picked up a few bads words that sneak in, followed a few seconds later by "forgive me, Lord".


I cuss like a sailor!! You have to watch out for those preacher's daughters. (wink, wink)

Jessica W.

Ya know, I've always wondered the exact thing.

I say crap, holy cow, and freakin' a lot.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who wonders that.


i used to say oh my god like every other sentence. almost as much as i still say "like". shoot a monkey was a fav for a long time. now i just kind of grit my teeth.
i have changed omg to oh my, that's a lot better huh?. while, these are completely man made, i don't want anything i say to make me not reflect God. but, unfortunately, i don't always do such a great job.
since i work with kids that often verbally reflect their parents, it just makes me conscentious(?) of what someone would copy from me.

let me add:::::::: i DO NOT think badly of ANYONE who throws out i am anyone to judge?


Well, my communication professor in me wants to break out some comm theory on you about how words are only arbitrary symbols. They only hold meaning because that meaning is agreed on by humans. But I won't continue. :-P

My grandfather used to always say "John brown it!" when something went wrong. No idea what that is supposed to mean, but that's what we taught to punkin so he would have something to say when he stumps his toe or drops his toy. And it makes me smile and think of my grandfather every time he does it so it's twice as good.


I say "for the love of Pete!" or "for the love of Peter, Paul and Mary!" and I have no idea where it came from! I also use holy crap quite a bit which is ironic cuz when did crap become holy!?! I have also said "effing" and it made me feel like I was really dropping the f bomb so I quit saying that one! LOL!


I am not a fan of GD, but have asked my self, is it not just as bad as saying God? Taking the Lords name in vain? I was raised not to cuss, but unfortunately they do come out. When I am really angry I have to bite my tongue. I had to break the "FREAkin" habit when I heard my 2 yr old say it. He says "oh God" just to send me thru the roof. My hubby says chill the only reason he said it is to see you react like that.
"Shoot a Monkey" is my fav. I have been known to call someone out for saying the "F" word in front of my baby. Next time I will have backup or just leave.LOL!

danny scott

well doggies now do i or don't i ? what would Forrest do.put his tshirt s happens on.thats all i have to say about that


Oh hell, :) I say those "bad" words...I'll admit it. Sure I could say crap or darn, but sh*t and d*mn just make me feel so much better ;)

I do try, really try(Lord please forgive me) not to use those words around my children, but sometimes they slip. And I try to be respectful of others who do not approve of that language.


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