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June 16, 2009



i love those pacis they are too cute!


I love seeing all of the baby stuff, keep it coming!


I love the phrame! We use the thermometer and love it!

Julie Stewart

A couple of really good buys I found on my third go-round recently: gumdrop pacis in vanilla scent. Laney was an avid paci sucker, Tyler never took one, so I bit the bullet and bought these on ebay and Ava loves them (and only these...I know...I've spent millions on all the others and she hates them!). I think they come in orange and blue (yay - Gator colors) and pink. You can also get them plain or vanilla scented. Ava seems to like the scented ones. Anyway, the other really good buy I found was totally by accident at Target. You won't need this for a while, but its cool to have nonetheless. It is a baby spoon by Boon. You open the bulb and dump the baby food or cereal in and screw it back on to the spoon and just squeeze and feed. No mess! I love these because normally Ava is batting everything out of my hand while I try to feed her and we get food everywhere...with these spoons there is no mess what so ever! Hope this helps...have fun!!


It makes me excited to read all these details. I get to go hold Addison SOON!

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