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May 26, 2009



I'm LOL right now! Count me in on the list of morons. That little piece of technology looks way cool and I would have loved to have it. I never could remember and resorted to the old fashioned solution of a safety pin on the side you nursed last. But even then I would forget to move the safety pin in my sleep deprived hormonal state. Thanks for the laugh this morning and bringing back bitter sweet memories. :-)


This is very neat and I hope that it works for you but reading this makes a lot of dreadful feelings come back!


I remember counting on my fingers and feeling sooo stupid. This looks very helpful.


LOL. I too fall into the moron category. =)It was sooo hard for me to keep track of which side was last. I did try to put a hair tie on the wrist of the side I last did, but like Singer I would forget to move that too in my sleep deprived state. I might have to check this fancy gadget out. Thanks for sharing! =)


I remember counting back and forth between my breasts to figure out which one I was on. For some reason a particular feeding would stick in my head, and sometimes it had been 2 days earlier, so I would count back up to the current one, lol. The itzbeen looks very handy!

Jessica W.

Um...I wouldn't know how handy this tool is so I've come up with a few other uses:
1. to let the your hubby keep track of when the last time he watch sports center
2. to keep track of the latest time you've check seven chicks to see if a new blog has been posted
3. to keep track of the latest time to see if someone has posted a comment on your blog

um...yeah. That's all I have right now. It is a pretty cool looking clock though.

Pines Lake Redhead

I had to use the safety pin method too. But then I would freak out because I couldn't remember if I moved the saftey pin at the last feeding.

Trust me, the second baby is easier. I was able to figure it out simply by feel (or weight).

You'll do just fine.


I got this as a shower gift and thought about returning it but after reading this I'm going to definitely keep it!

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