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May 11, 2009


danny scott

bless your heart all that happened while we were havin fun


Let me just say Sorry to all of the people at Ross! Yes everythign is fine and it was a very stressful weekend that I don't plan on ever doing again. WHy the heck did we think that takin 4 kids to the beach by our selves with no daddy would be fun. I need a break after all of that. I was so tired Saturday night that I couldn't move. lol!


Yall are braaaaavvvvveee. I have NEVA taken the boys to the beach by myself. Anyone would crack under that kind of pressure


Sorry it was a bad weekend!
I love the goggles story!


Sorry about your weekend. I loved you're quote at the is so true!

Jessica W.

Wow...I love the beach, but risking my sanity for it? lol. I hope this coming up weekend goes better.

Mama C

First of all can I borrow the goggles they go with my new blouse? I took five grands to the beach for a weekend with out my man - we had a ball but they were all above the age of 6 - big difference - and none were sick - How did you do it??? Makes us realize how much help and support our men are! I wish I could have been at Ross-at that day - in that hour - watching your Mom!


So glad everyone is getting better, I am praying a no more sickness prayer over all of our kids!

Next time he wears the goggles, you have to get a pic, I know that has to be adorable!

A little bit I wish I could have been there to see the showdown at the OK Corral (aka Ross) You know we will be laughing about it later!


Gosh no wonder I got that $160.00 top for $6.99. The lady didn't want to upset my friends yesterday.LOL!

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