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May 05, 2009



I really don't mind doing dishes. I would offer to help if I didn't have my own to do :)


Dishes don't bother me too much but I HATE folding clothes. Especially since I seem to have 3-4 loads at a time to fold. I just let them pile up in the laundry room until they have to be done. I also hate putting the clothes up. I will be glad when my boys are old enough to pick their stuff up and take it. We live in a two story house so it gets old having to walk up and down the stairs because I forgot some of the clothes or their clothes ended up mixed in with mine..etc. NOT FUN :)


I hate washing dishes and unloading and loading the dishwasher!

Jessica W.

One chore I tend to aviod is vacuming. I don't do this at home but have to at work. I aviod doing it at work at all costs--ALL COSTS.


I hate mopping the floors!! Most of my house is tile or wood floors so it takes forever.


Well obviously laundry is not my fave. But I'm with Ketura, I hate floors.


as far as the kitchen goes, i'm okay with everything even washing, except unloading the dishwasher. i'll wash dishes before i unload the dishwasher.. i hate how the tupperware is always wet!!!

then laundry!!! i won't even go there. ugh.

like the esther study i just finished is called: It's Tough Being a Woman! Amen sister

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