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May 27, 2009


Rick Everitt

Do not let the gift that God has given you go unused. Send it to the producer of the show and let God determine who reads it and how it get to them. This is very good sound Christian council. It deserves a chance to be heard. I will pray that God leads you to send this and then pray that it gets to them. I have never understood why we (Christians) set back and let the world fight and scream about their point of views and we say nothing. You have lots to say and say it. Good letter.


I haven't watched the show since last year, but I have seen all the rumors at the checkout stand and prayed they weren't true. I didn't see the season premier this week either, but just readong your post makes me want to cry. For some reason this family has also been close to my heart. Probably because the very fact that they claim to be Christians on national television makes them an even bigger target and I knew one day they would fight this battle.

I think you should send the letter as well. They tape so far in advance it makes me wonder if they really are already getting a divorce, but a piece of paper is not bigger than God.


The situation makes me very sad as well. I sincerely hope they work it out.


This show disturbed me as well. I talked to Sassy Rooster for a long time after it was over. It felt like a friend was telling me they were divorcing. i wanted to shout at the tv. STOP!

This was a great letter. My prayers are for the restoration of their marriage.


I agree, that letter is great and I think you should send it.
I hate how they said that the kids are not aware of what is going on. Because they are very aware, you can't hide that much from your kids they have a great sense of what is going on.


I think that you should send it. My only personal addition would be that Kate said that they quickly became 2 very different people. and for them to get to know the new things about each other, but all the old is not gone either.

Send it!!!!! good writing btw.


I watched it monday night after it first aired. I was just in total shock. The entire time I heard all these rumors I just couldn't and really refused to believe it. I feel so bad for the kids. I think you should send the letter it was really good!


I watched it last night and was just depressed afterwards. I prayed while I watched and have kept praying since. I feel, like others have said, that it's an attack because they profess to be Christians.
Your letter is very good and I think you should send it.

Jessica W.

I haven't seen the show and I only know about the family because of previous posts by you chicks. Just keep in mind everyone that the producers and people edit what they want on that show and that we may not know the whole story. Reguarding whether you should send the letter--just let God lead you in your decision social chick.


I think you should send the letter. One thing that just erks me, is that they keep saying that the kids are their main focus. Well coming from a divorced family myself they have no idea what this could do to their children. I have asked both of my parents who have remarried if they had it to do over would they get a divorce and thier answer is NO. My parents remained friends and civil. My sister and I were so blessed to have great parents who loved us enough to make things as good as possible. Even still their are some pretty serious issues that come from divorce. I know there are situations where divorce is necessary, but is is not always the best for the children.

Lisa Taylor

I can't watch this show because Kate is such a witch to her husband. It makes me angry that she underminds him the way that she does. I watch 5 minutes here and there before I usually get mad at her and turn the channel. I sincerely hate it for their kids, but how John has managed to stay married to her for this long is a mystery to me. I'm just wondering if she was rude to him before all of those kids came along. If so, he was not real bright to marry her. If not, I feel sorry for the guy. Nevertheless, for the sake of their family, I do hope they can resolve things. Your letter is good Social. If it will make you feel better to send it, you should do so.


I agree with Lisa, Kate can be really harsh on him sometimes. I doubt that it was much different prior to marriage or 8 children though. However, in agreement with Social- they have made a committment. Therefore they need to suck it up and stick it out. I thought for sure they would take a season off to focus on their own family and really get down to the bottom of things but it seems as though Kate does not want to stop taping and John is willing to give it a break. I hope she is not money hungry and I also hope that she is sincerely putting her kids first. Surely they have enough money to last a little while without working so much. Nevertheless, great letter Social. I think you should send it and allow God to determine how it plays out from there. It is great that you are attempting to help them see there is a bigger picture here.

Pines Lake Redhead

Reading your letter tells me that you and your husband have a very strong and healthy marriage. You are truly blessed.


The show made me so sad.... I am really pulling for them.
What could sending the letter hurt?


Send it, I've thought about doing the same thing but on Kate's blog page. I'm praying for them.

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