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May 18, 2009


April Thornton

haha! i used to work for that evil book fair and it was the best job ever! i got to read and talk about books every day...i also love that jan brett book. i have a couple of her books stored away. can't resist the illustrations :)
~ a fellow book-a-holic


What the heck Mrs. April Thornton decide to finally comment! lol!


I need some recomendations. We need some new books. We love trains,trucks,woowoo's (any emergency vehicle., we are scared of the dark a little, and facinated with babies (baby animals and human babies especially);o)


i love love love the pirate books..that one and "How I Became A Pirate".... great way for kids to enjoy books..

and can I help it, if we can teach voice, ideas, and plenty of other yummy writing skills? :)


Are you sure we're not long lost twins? Sometimes it freaks me out how much we have in common. I get in big trouble in bookstores, I want everything! I also got a little book crazy with the scanner in Target when I was doing my baby registry :)

Jessica W.

I get a little book crazy around holidays. I like to read so I guess I think everyone likes it too...well at least Mckenzie does.


Looks like you chose some good ones. You can't go wrong with good books.

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