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April 02, 2009



That recipe sounds delicious! You should cook it for me. haha!
I'm ready for the rain to be over too, except I don't mind being at work on these days, its the sunny days that I want to be out.

Jessica W.

Yeah I'm tired of the rain always rains on my Spring Break. Super.
Last night's lesson was very inspiring..the gum part cracked me up...i hope we got that on the cd. :)

danny scott

i told yo pop that you did real good,i told him you touched on subjects that maybeeeee but you did well.the drummer was crowing in the lobby afterward dan


I agree about Simon, that was very rude. Recipe sounds delicious! Can't wait to try it out...Thanks! TGIF! ;)

Lisa Taylor

Okay, guess I'm just rude. . .but I thought Megan deserved Simon's wrath. She and the foreign guy (not trying to be offensive - I can't remember his name) have gotten way too arrogant, IMO. But here is what my hubby and I were discussing. How can you tell pink haired chick that her outfit was distracting and then have on a guest singer that looked like she got hit by lightening and was lucky to have survived?!! I mean really - a zipper on her face? I will never listen to that song again!


i agree with lisa about megan and the allison clothes comment! i just didn't like megan and she did make that rude comment just before. besides, think about who we're talking out-simon, which that does not give him the right, but not way out there for his level of rudeness.

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