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April 01, 2009



Congrats! And before I even read what the proctor said to you I was thinking, she's just in the habit of pushing in chairs and straightening up 452 times a day and did it without even a thought. I guess you're a real live teacher. All those years of "playing" school paying off. :-)

Ayshia Hatcher

I feel your pain. Congrats on the test!


Glad you passed!

Jessica W.

Congrats on passing!


COngrats on passing the test. WHat test was it? It is funny how the teacher in you starts coming out when you don't even realize it. I have realized that I get on to Miss Priss more like a teacher. I don't scream or yell I just get the deep voice like a teacher getting on to an entire class room.


When I saw the title of this post I knew it was you before I even saw it - we are alike in so many ways! LOL. Glad you passed the test and had a quiet afternoon


Glad that test is behind you. When Cupcake was studying for her final FCAT test, I remember parents were asked to do a sample prep test. That sucker was tricky.

Laughing abuot the OCD... I mentioned on a blog post about my OCD and someone emailed me to ask what meds I as on. Ooops. No meds-just crazy me!


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