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April 08, 2009



I love those!! Absolutely adorable. Every time I see cute rain sets for the boys I really want them but can never bring myself to fork out the $$$. :-)


Love them. After last week I want to get rain suites for the girls but then I will buy them and it will never rain again. lol!


I usually just keep cute boots. For photos and those days when he is determined to play outside in the mud so he doesn't ruin his good shoes. Most seasons I've been able to find them at whichever consignment sale I go to, but no luck this season. Luckily, he can still cram his foot into last season's. :-)

I did find some cute just plain black, grown-up looking, rubber boots at walmart in the winter. I bought them for photos with his dad since they were relatively inexpensive and amidst the pregnant and sick he grew out of them before I got photos. urghh! Anyhoo, you might check there.

Ayshia Hatcher

I love that.

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