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April 23, 2009



I know why you like the heels...;)
Ross is my favorite too!


I love Ross too! And I too have a cleaning lady twice a month. I always tried to hide this, but ya know, I'm not super woman... I'm working 40 hrs. a week, photography on the side, being mom, wife, cook, etc.. So bless your heart if you don't understand why I don't have time to do deep cleaning! ;)


I feel like people judge me because I'm a young mom. People always, ALWAYS ask how old I am after I tell them my boys age. It never fails.

With that being said I'm like you, I've gotten to where I don't care what other people think so I'm starting to come off "blunt"...oh well..bless their heart ;)


#6, I did

Jessica W.

I admit I like to flirt and be incredibly sarcastic. I don't blame you for the cleaning lady...I only wish I could have someone do my homework (and make an "a"). Oh and I wish I could just pay someone and in return get a Master's school involved.


The best $$$ I spend is on my cleaning lady!

danny scott

i feel i need a cleaning lady i do


I care to much about what people think of me, to a fault. Me and God are Seriously working on that!

on a lighter note

I love Triscuts and cheddar squeeze cheese, and my guilty pleasure is vampire movies!

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