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April 22, 2009



We re-use our bottles, I hadn't thought of the dryer thing. That makes sense though!


I used to use plastic bottles. I even used the same one over and over (mainly because I like my well water better than bottled water). I Started using a stainless steel canister when I heard how bad plastic bottles are for you. You can get the stainless steel canisters at sporting good stores. Although for kids it isn't always the most practical. They do loose things a lot. I am now using the pigtail (don't know the real name) light bulbs. I really like the chalk board idea, it reminds me of my aunt and uncles house when I was a kid.


Lily would be so proud of you if she read this. Ha,Ha


We have HORRIBLE water, so I have the most trouble figuring out how to handle that one. I literally even brush my teeth with bottled water. I guess we really should check into one of those water services where you get the big huge plastic jugs at a time. It would probably even be cheaper. We've been talking about it forever, but haven't taken the plunge.

Our county has the easiest recyclying plan ever. They provide FREE blue bags and all you do is put recyclables in it and put it with your trash. Super easy!


I must say that I don't do a lot. Hold all of the tomatoes please.I know I'm a bad bad person.


Does being related to you and all of your greenness count? I have to admit I am not so good at the being green. I will start trying to make a better effort though.

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