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March 05, 2009



I would start my own business; quit my job, right now, even in this economy. I would make it such that it would bridge many different people with different perspective where they would be safe to express their feelings and thoughts without retribution. If anything else that each one of us have to reach out to a lost world is our testimony of getting to know Jesus Christ and our walk with Him reaching out to others and showing others our example of God’s love and mercy!

One of the things that I would like to do is to help others—real life people—write their own biography. I thought that this would be nice because we are just so busy taking care of their own lives that they cannot document what’s going on in their lives.

The reason why right now I can’t is because my job takes about eleven to thirteen hours a day, five days a week. Perhaps the time and place is not right now. Only God knows and Him speaking to me through His Holy Spirit will tell.


hmmm, I would do lots of things. For one I would be doing the job that I really love and want to do. I would probably not be as quiet.
But most of all like you said I would live like nothing is impossible. If we lived life like that there is no telling what could happen!


i sure would be doing all these tasks right about now or praying for the motivation to actually do them! instead id be calling in sick and laying out right now!!! :D


I would be a pediatrician. I'm not one for that much school so there for I never tried. I would probably teach more in the church and be bolder.


I would sing and play the guitar or piano. And be able to play my own music.


I read this the other day and have been pondering this question. I wanted my answer to be so "right". And I learned something through that. I want to have an impact like Zig Ziglar who described people like biscuits - they squatted to rise and then got cooked in the squat! No waiting for the "Big" thing. Walking in my gifts, today, right where I am, with my face to the wind and every sense on full alert. Thought-provoking question!!

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