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March 30, 2009



I need those footsie pj's too. I guess we should have stocked up in all sizes during the winter.

I can't believe they are getting so big! I love all the new stuff they are learning, its just as much fun for me as it is for him.


L.L. Bean for footie pajamas. My youngest is 2 and he still wears them. So much nicer than worrying about finding a lost sock or wondering if their feet are cold. They are also a life-saver when they get to that point where they are stripping their clothes and diapers off. Oh, but I am sure yours will never do that......LOL


Childrens place has the zipper ones. I did not want to use them for some reason, but when I got some as a gift, I fell in love w/ them. My boy is hot natured, so he can't stand the fleece. These are cotton and hold up very well. They were a lifesaver when he found those diaper tabs and stated stripping in the night. They go all the way up to 3t I think. They are so cute and great for snuggling w/ Mama. Hubby says I am trying to keep him a baby I say DARN right;o)
He turned 3 Friday and we had a Firetruck B-day party yesterday. He loved it. I felt bad for those that gave him clothes because he tossed them a side and frowned.
Embarrased his Mommy. Mommy appreciated them. I came to the realization that he has way too many toys. We are cleaning out next week. We have spoiled him, said we would not! My mind always goes back to the day we met our Pride and Joy. It was a day of all kinds of emotions and he was struggling to breathe. When we got banded to go in the NICU and I got to hold him for the first time and balled for an hour. When Daddy fed him he did the same. We waited for such a long time and it was overwhelming the feelings. 2 days later those papers were signed and we could hardly think afterwards. All we wanted was to get him home. We spent the last night in a room with him. It has been a wonderful 3 years and we love him more everyday.
When I tucked him in for nap today he called me back in for an extra kiss and hug and said, "Mommy Fank you for opening all my toys to play with" I said "your welcome baby" he said, Im not a baby anymore I'm a big boy" "You will always be my baby", I said. He laughed and said "I yuv you Mommy"! I closed the door and tears came to my eyes and I just thanked my Heavenly Father for this precios boy. I LuvBnMommy;o)


Punkin is in a 4T and I've still been able to find them. Children's place, like someone mentioned, has summer version and winter version that is fleece. They are my favorite by far. In 4T I've been able to find some at Carters and even sometimes at Walmart. I'm sure we're about at the end of the footsie road, but I am going to fight it as long as I can! :-)

Seriously, he is a WILD sleeper, so without something warm and footed on he freezes to death and ends up waking up and telling me, "Daddy forgot to cover me up."


Here's my tidbit. No two children are the same so you have to do things a little differently with each one. What worked with Big Man in his "terrible 2s and 3s" is not working so well with Little Man. We have to do it another way. What way? I'm still trying to figure it out. :-)

And kids thrive on schedule, flexible schedule, but schedule nonetheless. They need to know what comes next and feel like their little world is right and consistent. Just my two cents.....


no stories. but your stories are so adorable. i kept going ahhh...

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