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March 11, 2009



You think that I should save all of my extra money and never buy anything extra. Bless your heart! I like new things.

Lisa Taylor

You think because I grew up in the country that I am not as smart as you and I always need your advice on how I should do things. Bless your heart. When this is happening and I am saying, "Right," it does NOT mean that I am agreeing with you. It probably means that I want you to shut up. Bless my heart.

Jessica W.

You think just because I'm a journalism major that I'll proof your paper for practice?! Bless your heart...I get enough "free practice" with the school paper.

Julie Stewart

I think you are awesome for making cakes - profit or not. You rock! And don't cut the curls...they will never come back - I learned that the hard way with Laney :-(


I love the curls, and the second one...I feel ya!


I love your cakes, and I hate Jason Mesnik, and as for the curls, well, you know I love them, and I don't think you could get rid of them if you tried


Ha ha @ Lisa Taylor... people really think that we are not smart but that is ok and from now on when I hear "right" I will know to just shutup... bless my heart!


i love you cakes just incase you didn't know already!

You got a ticket for following too closely after SLAMMING into the back of my car while I am stoped at a red light.....well bless your heart!

Lisa Taylor

Too funny Scrapper 26, but I WAS NOT referring to you. You are a great listener and have good advice! Thanks for being a friend. I love ya!

Singer - I love the curls! They are adorable!!!


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