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February 17, 2009



Love the pics.
I have to agree, this was such a nice event. I have to say I was a little stressed from my child crying all day, so this was a nice escape.

Jessica W.

It was very cool....wait...I mean upstairs was cool. Next time y'all build a church, please build a bathroom upstairs...just sayin'

Mama C

You should have seen the Thanksgiving Banquet!!!


This was by far the best V-day Banquet I have ever been to! I have been to many. The guys did awesome. The video messages made me cry. Food was yummy! I had the Prime rib.


Everyone looked awesome!!! and the men did such a great job!

danny scott

just what i thought you fergot about the old guy from the 3rd floor!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lisa Taylor

That is a great looking group! LOL!
And for those that couldn't make it, we don't mean to rub your nose in it. . . But seriously, it was so much fun. Hubby and I had great neighbors to talk to. We enjoyed the conversation, food, and the atmosphere.

By the way Social, didn't you win a take home prize?!!

Ayshia Hatcher

That's a great looking group of people!

Andrea White

i had to comment on the great poof. Good Job!!! I'm so proud. lol


beautiful people!


andrea, I learned from the best.

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