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February 12, 2009



I personally do not agree with what she did. Six of her kids were already on welfare and 3 are on disability. She does not have a job. I just think it is crazy


I do not understand why she did what she did. I do feel like there are some deeper issues with her but it is not for me to judge. I feel like a church in her area should stand up and help her. Do I think she should have done it no but she did and the children are the issue in this problem. We support several of children all over the world everyday whos parents can't afford to have kids but do. Is it kind of the same situation? Everyone has pointed fingers at her but has anyone offered a hand to help? Sorry for the long comment I was going to write a blog but you beat me to it. lol!

Jeremy C.

I was talking with the MIL yesterday about this. I don't think it is a good situation at all. First, I don't understand the want/need to have children without having a husband. God created the family to have a wife and a husband, I know there are some circumstances where that is not always possible, but having a baby in a lab just so you can be single and have children is wrong from the get go.
Nor do I understand the reason by having so many children without income. We have a hard enough time with one I couldn't imagine 14, nor do I think that is being wise at all.
I do stand by her liberty and freedom to do what she wants. I wouldn't want the government to set limits on how many children I want to have, like they do in eastern countries. However, I don't think what she did is wise.
I don't agree with all the media attention, I do think it is her business and frankly none of ours, however, if she does all these interviews and such, which bring in income, I think she is bringing at least some attention to herself and that is indeed her fault. However, I think alot of the negative stuff, she said she had death threats and such, completely and totally inappropriate.
I do agree with churches helping her out, we are instructed to help the widows and the orphans, we had the lady from that Baptist Children's home Sunday night, so that is indeed fresh on my mind. However, I do think that she needs to come up with a way to generate some income for her family, apart from doing interviews and media appearances and the like.
Even though I do agree with her, nor condone her actions, what is done is done, I hope all her children grow are healthy and I pray that the come to know the Savior, because regardless of any situation, He is our only hope.


so i agree a little bit with everyone above. I think she was reckless, irresponsible, and probably suffers from a mental imbalance. People do have children, EVERYDAY, they can't take care of, can't afford, and can't raise properly. I do not know her personal parenting style, but, and I know this is a TOUCHY subject, I'm no fan of the Dougars either.

That being said, I think the BIGGEST travesty is the doctor who performed these COUNTLESS invitros. What the crap was he thinking? It was HIS responsibility as a medical doctor to say this is UN-ETHICAL. I think more people played a part and had more than a few opportunities to stop this and everyone in the medical community knew better.

She is to blame, but not the only one.

And as an ending comment, which most will not like either, I do believe that the government should have a say in how many children you are allowed IF you are taking assistance. If you use my money, I get to say stop having more. Just sayin.


sassy I totally agree with you ending comment!


She has issues--major, deep, psychological and emotional issues. I'm not really sure I blame more, her or the doctor. She had no business having any more children, much less EIGHT of them, while living with her parents, with no job. Three of the six she already had has some sort of handicap and are already receiving governmental assistant (or so I've been told).

I don't think the government has any business telling us how many children we can or cannot have (unless like Sassy says, and we are paying for them), but there should be some sort of regulation that makes it illegal to implant that many children in any woman that doesn't have a husband, a partner, a job, a house, and who already has multiple children. She needs help, and the doctor needs to be held accountable. I also think the media needs to back off and quit giving her all this attention. Maybe, just maybe, that is what she is after.

And, now she is asking for online donations!!! She aleady receives almost $500 in food stamps a month!

Sorry, sore subject.


I think she is getting exactly what she wants....fame and loads of people knowing who she is and spending way too much time talking about it.

I am glad that I don't live in California because I think I would have a really hard time knowing that my tax dollars are going to raise her children when my hubby and I sacrifice every day to raise our own.

With that said, I feel bad for the children, all 14 of them. I hope their momma gets a clue and truly does decide to put them first.


Like Sassy, I also agree a little with everyone, but I think there are so many gray areas in this specific case that its hard to say...

When using technology to achieve pregnancy
where do you draw the line? The argument lies, God gave us the technology, but to what extent should it be used? Is it for us to say, that She should have stopped sooner at 4 or 5 or 6 or 14?

From what I understand, from the interveiw I saw, the octuplets were an result from implanting a large number of embryos( the last ones she had) that had been previously frozen( that would be her babies frozen, already fertilized eggs). On one hand we can say why? why more?, but on the other hand who are any of us, or her doctor, to say you can't use these embryos( again, her babies, I mean come on, thats what they are). Those embryos are lives, little lives, that would be just, what?, thrown away, used for research? I realize that she didn't have to get so many fertilizd and frozen but the fact is that she did. And as a Christian, I will say, that I am not OK, with selective reduction or donating her unused embryos to research.

Where should doctors, government draw the line. They are not stepping in on countless other unwed mothers lives, who have more kids than they can take care of, and are on welfare. Is it OK for them to keep having babies just because they are fertile, and careless when having sex? The point is, like I said earlier, the area is very gray. Would I want a doctor telling me I coulnd't use my embryos? No.

While I'm not saying I support her decision to have so many, I also can't say she is completely wrong. Whether she has mental issues or not doesn't matter to me, honestly don't we all have our own issues.

God knew me before I was in my mother's womb and he knew every one of this woman's babies and has a purpose for every single one of their lives. That being said, who am I to say she shouldn't have done this? After all, if God didn't want her to have 8 babies at once, He could have changed it, but He didn't.


Since you asked ... I think it is ridiculous that she is so "out there" in the media. I am so sick of hearing about it every time I turn on the TV. I think her judgement is questionable to say the least and feel bad for the children because they are the innocent ones in this whole circus.


all i'll say right now... irresponsible!!

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