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February 01, 2009



I did not hang up material around Miss Priss window so that it would be dark in her room and she would sleep later. It so did not work!


I've never done any of those things and I SO didn't eat the two cupcakes that were left after I got home last night.


I have NOT done Not Me! days on my blog before and NOT found it a little theraputic.

I did NOT eat about 4 handfuls of M&M's before 10am this morning ;)


I did not hit the snooze button 4 times this morning...making myself late for work.

Heather Suber

I did NOT eat a rice krispie treat for breakfast. I don't wish i had another one right now either....


I did not tell my child that he was riding my last nerve this morning.


I did not eat almost an entire cake Singer made for me in two days :(

I did not have a small panic attack after almost fall out of a tree stand saturday.


Oh wait I forgot one I did not bust out laughing when I heard about the reck sunday and I did not say thats what you get for buying her that car!

Jeremy C.

I don't think frozen chic fil a nuggets, or worse yet strips would be the best idea ever. Nor have I any interest in the GI Joe movie, which perhaps could be one of the best all time childhood cartoon movies..ever.


Yeah, I agree with the previous comment. I did not think about googling to see if they do sell frozen Chick-fil-a nuggets.


so do they sell Chick-fil-a nuggets frozen???


I can't find them, but I am going to ask next time I go to Chick Fil A, (maybe if I'm not to nervous to ask, lol)


I did not eat a a Smart Ones for lunch, followed shortly by TWO 100 calorie packs. Does that defeat the purpose of the smart one in the first place??

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