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February 13, 2009



your not pregnant are you?


Ha ha, I certainly hope not. that would be crazy!

Heather Suber

I am glad you are staying busy!!! Who did you see? Ms. Sale?

Lisa Taylor

May I just add that on Saturday (Valentine's Day) Plannerchick unselfishly volunteered her time to help organize and prepare plates for church banquet. That's right, while the rest of sat on our tushes and got pampered for Valentine's Day, planner was working her rump off back in the kitchen. It was very nice of her. And while I am bragging on her, hats off to the gentlemen at our church that planned the entire event. I have never seen a dinner run more smoothly. The food was absolutely terrific, the decorations beautiful, and the atmosphere romantic. I love our church family! Planner, I hope hubby takes you out to your very own private dinner very soon!


Sleeping until 8, never thought you'd think 8 o'clock is late did you?? Me either!! :-)


hummmm if I were to guess - and I'm almost always right about this... you really really sound pg... I know you don't know me and if you were to see me you wouldn't recognize me (which is good b/c you probably want to hit me about now for saying you are pg)... anytime Kentucky fried chicken is good and lots of sleep... sure signs!


Lisa thanks for the props, but I do have to say I enjoyed doing it for such a great group of people who have done so much for me.
Also just so everyone will know, hubby didn't stiff me on V Day, he had a championship game for his ball team (that he coaches) that night!

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