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February 20, 2009


Lisa Nall

Hi, I'm Lisa Nall and I'm addicted to my Flip Video. I received it as a present for Christmas and I carry it in my purse every where I go.



I have a small dose of FAD.
And I'm sure if I had a blackberry I would have BAD too.


Hi my name is Crystal, and I have SAD--Sevenchicks Addiction Disorder. I have been addicted since the beginning in 2007.

Jeremy C.

ahhh yes, I am familiar with FAD, not that I have it, I rarely check mine, but I do know someone else who does. Now that Bad, I am probably guilty of that, I got mine a couple days ago, Tips is in the mail now. But oh, I don't know how I got along without one...they are ReeeEEEALY Nice. I wish the Nextel ones were just alittle faster, but still, Nice, and it beats not getting a signal much at all with our Sprint phones.


This FAD was stolen. FROM ME. Just sayin.




I might have a slight case of FAD, however, I know when my blackberry gets here that I will definitely have BBAD. I guess my question is - if you know something will be this addicting and you get it anyway, what does that mean about you?

Jessica W.

I have a small addiction MAD, especially when I'm at school during my three hour break. But my biggest addiction is to watching Chuck. If I have to work Monday nights I rush whomever I close with, rush home, make Mom turn the channel to Chuck (or make her watch the beginngin while I"m driving home) and watch the middle/end. Then the next day, I was the whole episode online.


Jessica, you need to invest in a DVR or a Teabo that records all of your favorite shows. THen there would be no rushing home. IT would be waiting for you when you arrived.


oops Teavo

julie stewart

I would say I have a TAD - tanning addiction disorder. I know its bad for you, but I figure its easier than losing weight and, tell me if I am wrong ladies, but fat always looks better tan. I think it was our own dear socialchick that said "chunk" looks better tan. I couldn't agree more.


I so know were you are coming from social.. I am addicted to my Iphone. It was my Mother's Day gift.Do I have a great hubby or what!Now that I know somewhat how to use it (w/my husband's help of course).I am totally addicted.But it is great to have everything in one gadet.


Ok! I'll admit I have EAD. Etsy Addiction Disorder. It is wonderful. I love all the creativity, some of it is weird. I have gotten lots of ideas for embroidery and my new project is applique's. My lil Sis has been wanting me to do them for her sorority (spelling I know)forever!


Hi, I am Scrapper and my husband is addicted to his Blackberry- he has BBAD. We have renamed it the "Crackberry" and I refust to get one because I too will become an addict and someone must help him through this ordeal. I am addicted to my computer and the internet. I need it! I need to be able to check e-mail, facebook, etc. I know, it would be easier to have a Crackberry but I am trying to wait until after my son is born.


LOL... my name is Merrie I am a FAD. My daughter is BBAD and FAD. We are both BADs (Blogger Addicted...)
My phone contract is about to end and I expect that we will be getting either iPhones or Blackberrys... just another addiction coming around the corner.


I am addicted to reaching out with others on my blog,, just as you all are to a lost world. I started my blog primarily for my friends and family. It was my vision for my wife and me to do this. My wife doesn’t feel that she has a lot to say to others. I disagree, but that’s something that God has to communicate to her through His Holy Spirit. It’s reaching out to them, showing a real person who strives to serve the Lord. I pray that you all will continue to do what all seven of you are doing, showing your real side—women whose desire is to show God’s love, grace and mercy.
I would like you all to read my blog at your convenience and let me know if you have any suggestions on how I can meet this idea of reaching out to others about being REAL and displaying God’s character in whole in reaching out to the confused and challenged world.


I want a blackberry. Someone tell my husband that I want a blackberry.....please!!


I have a Treo 755. I have had Palms for a long time. I haven’t caught on to the Blackberries yet. I like it because it’s like a mobile laptop for me. I can also post on my blog from it when I’m out anywhere, as long as there a mobile signal. I have done that on several occasions. That is really a cool thing to do! What can I say? Sometimes ... I am a kid at heart!


I would like to join the BBAD club, I am a little jealous of your new baby!!! It is the coolest!

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