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February 17, 2009



haha..i believe i have a few baskets in the laundry room myself..this is a cute picture!

julie stewart

Awesome! Thanks for reminding me I am not the only one with a year's worth of clothes waiting to be folded and put away. PS - love the "Where's Waldo" thing you have going on with tiny man :-) I think you should blow this photo up poster-size and hang it up'll remember your little man's fun times more than you'll remember if the laundry got done on time. I have three kids, so I have finally figured out that the housework will always be there - your kids won't.


HA! It's hard to see all the clothes for the cute baby in the picture! ;)


I love you! I hate laundry too! It is my least fav. next to cleaning bathrooms. I am sitting here right this very minute, hubby is gone, lil man is gone, and it is getting late. Id rather design for embroidery than to get up and clean those toilets. I didn't mind it so much before we potty trained my lil messy pee-pee boy.LOL! I HATE STEPPING IN AND CLEANING UP PEE-PEE AROUND THE TOILET!AHHHHAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lisa Taylor

I feel for you. My clothes have piled up too, but that I can handle. The dishwasher is out over here and I am so FRUSTRATED! (Really hate washing dishes by hand - it is such a waste of time!)I am going to buy myself a brand new one soon and hope that it lasts for several years.


he's like, "mom are you sure you'll be able to find me?"

thats ok mine is about the same, i just have somewhere to hide it.


I am right there with you, wouldn't it be great if we all had someone that would just put up laundry. I don't mind washing and drying but having time to put away clothes never seems to be on the agenda.


Thank you for posting this. I can't stand to fold and next time Mr. Social has fustrated that he can't find something I'm going to pull this photo up. lol!


I meant to say acts fustrated


LOL This cracks me up! And I agree with Julie.... housework will be here forever, it never ends. Enjoy these moments with your beautiful baby boy! :)


I am still laughing over this picture - it's hilarious! I hate folding and putting away too.

Your little guy is such a cute little snuggle bug!!

Jessica W.

Look at that cute face!! I"m glad I'm not the only one who doesn't fold and put up laundry...Mom is always like, "Clean your room!" But really it is clean..the clothes on my bed and chair ARE clean...hmm oh well.


I really dont like to fold or put away anything....TOOO much time its easier to dig through the pile everymorning

Mama C

"Is any of this mine," said Luke?

Ayshia Hatcher



That is too funny! I used to use the same excuse for not getting the laundry and the dishes done. My kids are all grown up and have left the roost, so tell me what kind of excuse can I use now?


I hate laundry too!!


Laundry is the WORST CHORE EVA. Hate Hate Hate it. Hate. Hate. Love this blog. Agree 200%. But when lil man gets bigger you get to make him HELP! Thats my favorite.


So glad you posted this!! If I put all my clean loads together I might give you some competition. I despise laundry also. I will wash and dry all day long, but forget folding - I got better things to do ;)


So I just happen to think about about the SevenSisters page today and was so glad I did! OK, this is so freakin' hilarious! This should be a commercial for laundry soap (although the clothes are clean). COULD HE BE ANY CUTER??!


I'm a little late here, but this is about the cutest and funiest think I've ever seen. I HATE folding laundry as well!!

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