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February 02, 2009



Very interesting. A few things I knew, a few things I didn't and some things I could have guessed about you. :-)

I also love *the* pool. And I feel ya on #10. People say that when quiet people talk everyone listens. Not always true!


Can't wait to see the living room.

I think that you are crazy on #13. I'm one of the chicks that LOVE it!


why can't our men realize that long hair does NOT make the woman? Mine would love for my hair to be down to my waist but I hate it. I feel so much better about myself when it is shorter. I wish they could understand this.


You could have a retirement with the hair if you start your own shop, build it up then when your ready to retire you could sell it. I support you, I think you would love it! (but I understand the retirement thing)

I cannot wait for summer either.

I'm the opposite of you with the hair, I feel better with mine longer. When I look at pics I like the ones so much better where it is at least past my shoulders. My hubby does like it long, but thats not why I am growing it, it makes me feel pretty. and i say that you go with what makes you feel the best. (I was just telling Brittany the other day that you have the most beautiful hair, just so you know!)

sorry for the book, lol!


your hair is so dang shiny and healthy looking it would look good any length!


I got that tag and will do it this week. These are fun to read. I linked to ya'll today because I totally stole from your post about "Bless Your Heart". Thanks for a great idea!


Happy Anniversary! I am one of the rare crazies that agree with you on #13... don't touch my hair! lol Thanks for the tag... my 25 are up! :)

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