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February 11, 2009



You think that because I have asked my kid to eat 3 bites of her supper I'm going to make her fat. Bless your heart!


You think you know everything there is to know about teaching and that the rest of us do not have a clue just because your momma teaches...Well Bless your heart!

You think that just because I am not an ESE major or one of your ESE students I do not know anything about teaching....Well Bless your heart

Jessica W.

You think I just want to get out of work although you asked me to do a presentation on an alcoholic drink (and I'm under the drinking age)...BLESS YOUR HEART!! hmmm that does make you feel better.


You think that I am not teaching my 2yr old son modesty and respect for others because he drops his pants and pee pees whereever we are outside. Bless your heart and welcome to the wonderful world of boys.


I love it! As always you crack me up. And Amy my boys wound think life was not worth living if they couldn't pee EVERY time they're outside.


can I just say...I LOVE YOU!!!!

daddy and mama

If you do not think sassy will "TELL IT LIKE IT IS" and has spiritual DNA of her pastor...then bless your heart!


If u think that was sassy's mom and dad...then bless your heart!


Sassy you are just too funny! I love your stories they crack me up.You should really think about writing a book:) I know I would buy it.

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