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February 04, 2009



These were great. My favorite is


I loved your list. And I always thought you were wonderful. And I am sure you are just as wonderful as a wife & momma. I think we will all find some freedom if we can learn to just "bless their heart" everyone that tries to tear us down with their words. Love ya!!!

Pines Lake Redhead

"Bless your heart" has always been on of my favorite sayings from my dearest friend who grew up in Jackson County, FL. Just for that reason I need to give it a try.

Please be kind with me, I am a Yankee, afterall. :)


I'll just put mine here :)
You think Iraq is not interesting or pertinent enough to cover in the news anymore... bless your heart!


In regards to #4, I can just picture the possible astonished looks you may have gotten from shoppers. :-) And #2 is funny!


I posted some in my blog yesterday and added more today. It really is a great release! :)

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